Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo Should Wait to Sign Extension, Says Oscar Robertson

Getty Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Reigning NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s contract with the Milwaukee Bucks is slated to expire at the conclusion of the 2020-21 season. Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens has said he wants Antetokounmpo around for the immediate future. He has the option to sign an extension this summer or wait for his contract to expire in the summer of 2021 and can still sign a supermax deal.

“He’s a special basketball player, obviously, but he’s an even more special person,” Edens said via TMZ Sports last September. “What you see is what you get. He’s an amazing guy, he’s amazing to the organization, he’s amazing to his family. He’s really an incredible character. Obviously, we want to be a part of his life for the rest of his basketball career.”

Last July, during an interview with ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk, ‘The Greek Freak’ said his goal is to win a championship, and as long as he and the Bucks are on the same page, he plans on staying in Milwaukee.

My goal is going to stay the same: It’s get better, take it day by day, step by step, and the ultimate goal is to win a championship. As long as that we are all on the same page, and we are all focused on that goal, why not play for the Bucks 20 years, why not play 25 years? Why not, after playing, be a member of the coaching staff or a member of the front office? But we got to have the same goal. We got to have the same principles … We got to focus on winning a championship.

I want to be a part of a winning team. As long as we have the same mindset and same approach to the game, there’s no reason for me to move and not be like Steph [Curry], not like be like Dirk [Nowitzki] or Kobe [Bryant] or Tim Duncan.

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Oscar Robertson Thinks Antetokounmpo Should Wait Until 2021 to Make a Decision

In 1970, Oscar Robertson led the players association to file an anti-trust lawsuit against the NBA, and it ultimately led to the creation of free agency not just in the NBA, but for all professional athletes. The Big O (Oscar Robertson) was a guest on ESPN’s The Jump and host Rachel Nichols asked what Giannis Antetokounmpo should do in four months when the Bucks can offer him a supermax contract. Should he sign it or wait until next summer?

“Well, he may be the next 50 million dollar man, to be honest. I think he should take advantage because you don’t get to play this game very long,” said Robertson. “I mean, my time went by so fast; it is unbelievable, but the ‘Oscar Robertson’ rule is something because of what it has done for a lot of basketball players, and it has made millionaires out of them.”

When pressed by Nichols for an answer on if he should take the money this summer or wait until next summer, “I would wait,” said Robertson.

Of course, waiting doesn’t mean that he plans on leaving Milwaukee, but it allows him to keep his options open.

Robertson also shared, “It’s his option, and he is a great basketball player, and I think it is not only great for Milwaukee but good for the league too because people want to see him play.”

Oscar Robertson played 14 seasons in the NBA and averaged 25.7 points, 7.5 rebounds and 9.5 assists per game.

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