Watch Lions Coaching Staff Mic’d Up During 2020 Senior Bowl

Matt Patricia

Getty Matt Patricia during a game in 2018.

The Detroit Lions recently completed their coaching of the Senior Bowl, and during the week in Mobile, Alabama, they gained plenty of information about players for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Fans, however, also gained some valuable perspective into how Patricia and company coach up their team. That was on display most of the week during practices and the game, but finally, a closer look at how the team’s coaches operated has shown up on the internet.

The Lions revealed a peek behind the curtain to show how they were conducting things at the Senior Bowl with plenty of staff members and players included.

Some of the highlights include Matt Patricia chatting up some Michigan and Michigan State players, as well as new defensive coordinator Cory Undlin showing off a bit of his personality as well. Defensive assistant Steve Gregory, who could be in line for a promotion, is also heavily featured.

As a whole, it’s easy to see Patricia connecting with the players and it’s neat to see a closer look at how he ran practice for the week.

Matt Patricia Senior Bowl Practice Video

During the week in Mobile, Patricia was on the microphone and providing some excellent insight into his practices. Typically, folks don’t get to see Lions practice or hear much of what Patricia has to say, but with the practices on full display, that changed.

Here’s a look at Patricia colorfully coaching up his North squad, while also giving the censors a workout:

That was far from the only example, too. Patricia also let loose on Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson when he muffed a snap in a NSFW rant.

Obviously, Patricia holds his players to a higher standard and wants to get the best out of them. That’s no exception whether they are college players or guys making a contract from the Lions.

Arguably, the fact Patricia is getting to mold college players only makes him want to push them harder.

How Lions Will Benefit From Senior Bowl

How will the week in Mobile benefit Detroit greatly? Recently, a piece was compiled at the NFL Draft Lounge by Coach Leslie, a high school coach in Texas which explains what the Lions were looking to accomplish a few weeks back.

Interestingly, part of the take involved why the Lions will be alright in spite of not having a coaching staff set in stone yet for 2020.

“Coaches for both the Lions and Bengals will put the players through their individual drills that they do in their specific scheme. This is where positional coaches play a vital role in the overall evaluation process.

For example, although we don’t yet know who the defensive coordinator is for the Lions, we can expect them to continue running a base 3-4 defense. Their defensive line coach will put his assigned group through some drills that will allow him to see if the linemen can two-gap or not. (By two-gap, we mean that the defender is responsible for two gaps along the offensive line rather than one.)”

Additionally, as the piece explains, previous coaching staffs in the Senior Bowl have used the game to their dramatic advantage in order to scout and find key players. Just last year, the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers found plenty of difference makers after their week in Mobile.

“Last year the Raiders and the 49ers hosted the Senior Bowl. The Raiders benefited the most from the process and drafted four players from the Senior Bowl and signed three as undrafted free agents. In total, six of those players ended the season on the 53-man active roster. Of those six players, Hunter Renfrow, Foster Moreau, and Alec Ingold played critical roles on the team.

The 49ers drafted three players from the Senior Bowl including, Deebo Samuel, who finished with over 800 yards in his rookie season.

Expect the Lions and Bengals to draft several of the Senior Bowl players, so they can help turn their culture into a winning one.”

Though the Lions flamed out in dramatic fashion in 2019, the benefit was almost certainly getting them into this game so they might find the next generation of talent for their team. They were also able to get an up close look at who fits their roster and use that knowledge to find players.

After the positive week, it’s nice to look back and watch the staff coaching up some guys who could become the next members of the Lions in a few months.

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