Brutal Side Kick Sends Muay Thai Fighter Flying out of Ring [WATCH]

Muay Thai Fighter Side Kicked

Instagram Fighter side kicked in a Muay Thai match.

A Muay Thai fighter was struck with a powerful side kick that knocked him out of the ring, and the video has become viral.

Here is the clip of the two men fighting in a Muay Thai match. The clip was shared by the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports on their Instagram page, and they gave credit to Zack Porter.

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The Muay Thai Fighter Utilized a Step-In Side Kick to Generate More Power

The brief clip shows the two Muay Thai fighters delivering knees to each other in a clinch. Then, the two competitors break apart, with the fighter on the right backing up to give himself room. Because of the area that he gained, the fighter was then able to step in and blast his opponent with a side kick. By stepping in with the kick, he was able to generate a lot more power than a regular side kick from a static, standing position.

Traditional Muay Thai music is heard playing in the background.

The location of the fight has not been named, but it appears to be in Thailand. Muay Thai was founded in Thailand, and it has become a global combat sport with many MMA fighters adopting skills from the martial art.

Some notable UFC fighters with a Muay Thai background are UFC Women’s Flyweight Champion Valentina Shevchenko, former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and the #10 ranked lightweight Edson Barboza.

There Has Been Another Muay Thai Video That Has Gone Viral in the Last Few Days

clip of a referee trying his best to mitigate the amount of unnecessary damage a Muay Thai fighter received went viral last weekend. Sittichai Ineiad was refereeing a match between two fighters during this weekend’s Muay Hardcore.

The fight ended with one of the fighters, So Sovarathana, landing two savage elbows, knocking out the other man in the ring, Neymar Paeminburee. Paeminburee went unconscious while standing and proceeded to fall backward.

Ineiad jumped into action and managed to get his hand behind the head of the unconscious fighter before he hit the ground. The referee supported the head, which kept it from hitting the canvas. The quick response from Ineiad prevented Paeminburee from taking extra damage.

Click below to watch the video of the phenomenal refereeing.

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