Patriots’ Tom Brady’s ‘Target Price’ for Next Contract

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady could command $33 million per season.

Tom Brady‘s “target price” for his next contract has been revealed.

According to ex-NFL agent Joel Corry of CBS Sports, Brady could command a deal for three years worth roughly $100 million with $65 million in guarantees on the free agent market.

“Brady has consistently stated he wants to play at until he’s at least 45. He is already in uncharted territory as the oldest full-time starting quarterback in league history. Ben Roethlisberger, who will be 38 in March, sets the older quarterback market. The Steelers gave him a two-year, $68 million extension where $37.5 million was fully guaranteed last April.

If Brady ultimately is going to stay in New England, it would be beneficial for the Patriots to get a deal done before the last day of the 2019 league year on March 18. That’s when his 2020 and 2021 contract years void. The Patriots will have a $13.5 million salary cap charge from the bonus proration with those years actually voiding regardless of Brady’s decision about where to play next season.”

Would Patriots Commit 3 Years to Brady?

This “target price” would be worth roughly the amount reported a couple of weeks prior. That was when it was cited that the New England Patriots were willing to offer upwards of $30 million. While the annual salary isn’t a problem, the length might be an issue for New England.

Based upon Corry’s projections, other teams on the market would be willing to offer Brady $33 million per season over the course of three years — which means they would be committing to Brady until the age of 45.

Considering Robert Kraft wasn’t initially willing to commit to Brady past the 2019 season, the length of a potential three-year contract might pose a problem for New England. Here is Kraft’s explanation for why he allowed Brady to test the free agent market instead of committing to him for the long term.

“In the end, after all this, after going through everything, it will mean that it’s basically meant to be, and that it’s the best thing for all sides [to let Brady test free agency],” Rapoport said on NFL Network. “Kraft wanted them to get apart, to see what’s out there, and try to come together in the middle. And the hope is, if that works out for 2020, that everyone will be happy they went through the process.”

In other words, the Patriots are being cautious with Brady and keeping their own options open.

If they commit three more years to Brady, that means they’re committing to three more years of Brady as the starting quarterback.

We’ll see how the Patriots are able to negotiate their next contract with the veteran quarterback.

Chris Simms Chooses Ryan Tannehill over Tom Brady

NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms believes the Tennessee Titans are better off with Ryan Tannehill rather than Brady.

“…I’m sick of it. I hear it too much right now. ‘Oh, Tom Brady, Tennessee Titans, yeah.’ You’re crazy. Tom Brady is not as good as Ryan Tannehill right now,” Simms said on NBC Sports. “I’m just sorry. I know Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback ever, certainly the most accomplished, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best in 2020. Ryan Tannehill was great last year. I don’t think the Tennessee Titans would have had the same results if Tom Brady was in the game for the Tennessee Titans.”

The Titans are considered one of the favorites to land Brady. Tannehill and Titans backup Marcus Mariota will also be free agents this offseason.

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