Chicago Bears Rumors: Bears Did Not Meet With QB Eli Manning

Retired QB Eli Manning meet with Chicago Bears

Getty Retired QB Eli Manning

In one of the more ridiculous and eyebrow-raising rumors of the 2020 offseason so far, NFL Insider and Pardon My Take podcaster ‘Insider Leroy‘ tweeted something that made Chicago Bears fans in particular sit up and take notice.

The Bears’ issues at the quarterback position have been well documented, but the latest quarterback to be linked to the team was an unexpected one.

“Hearing from sources that Eli Manning is meeting for dinner with the Chicago Bears this evening,” the NFL Insider tweeted.

NFL Insider Leroy has broken credible news before, although he has also been wrong numerous times. He reported the Anthony Sherman signing by the Kansas City Chiefs last year, and he was one of the first to report on former Ohio State assistant coach Greg Schiano heading to coach the Scarlet Knights at Rutgers. But that’s about it. He’s not exactly the bastion of reliability.

Then, another source confirmed the rumor. SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Cole Wright, who added the name of the restaurant Manning and Bears’ reps were supposedly dining at.

All rumors swirling around the Bears this offseason have circled back the team wanting to add a veteran quarterback to push fourth-year starter Mitchell Trubisky, however, so it seems as though the team has been attached to nearly every quarterback breathing at times.

Upon seeing rumors of the Bears’ possible meeting with Manning, Bears fans and analysts alike sounded off on Twitter, clearly upset at the idea of Manning in a Bears’ uniform.

Bears Fans Were Not Happy About Eli Manning Rumors…

Immediately after seeing the Tweet, Windy City Gridiron’s Aaron Leming wrote simply: “Please no,” while the Windy City Gridiron account also doubled down on the ‘No to Eli’ sentiment. Multiple fans were in accordance, chiming in with their distaste at the thought.

For panicking — or potentially excited — Chicago Bears fans, it’s important to note that Manning meeting with the team has now officially been refuted by a source who is extremely close to the Bears, The Athletic’s Adam Jahns. “Sorry Twitterland,” Jahns tweeted Thursday morning. “I’m told there wasn’t a dinner between the #Bears and Eli Manning last night.”

Adam Jahns is a much more credible source than NFL Insider Leroy, so the baffling and nonsensical rumors about a meeting with Manning can officially be put to rest.

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