Clippers’ Patrick Beverley is a ‘Goon,’ Says Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg

Patrick Beverley, Clippers

Getty Patrick Beverley, Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley said after a recent meeting with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers that he was not too impressed with The King. This came following the Clippers’ 112-103 loss to the Lakers earlier this month.

Beverley acknowledged that the Lakers came out “with a lot more juice” in the team’s first victory over the Clippers this season. Beverley was then asked what kind of challenge ‘The King’ presents on the defensive side of the ball. The Clippers guard immediately answered, “No Challenge,” as he interrupted the reporter twice.

The same reporter tried to rephrase his question by asking him to describe what it is like defending LeBron James when he is trying to force switches on the floor. Beverley would reply, “not hard at all.”

James would finish with 28 points, eight rebounds, and nine assists in 35 minutes of play against the Clippers. He also shot 7-17 from the field and 2-6 from behind the arc.  However, according to o ESPN Stats & Information, The King didn’t attempt a shot against Patrick Beverley.

Last month, Doc River described Beverley as “such a winner” after the Clippers beat the Denver Nuggets on February 29.

“Loved it. He’s just such a winner. Was anybody happier tonight than him? Every young player should look at Pat tonight, not the stats, but during the game & how happy he was that we were playing well, making plays w/ 0 pts… I’m glad I have him.”

Snoop Dogg Thinks Patrick Beverley is a Goon

Snoop Dogg was on All the Smoke with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, recently and during their chat, he discussed his belief that Clippers guard Patrick Beverley is a “goon.”

“That little [expletive] Beverley is a goon. I would go into the alley and slap a [expletive] auntie … He takes LeBron [James] on that last play – was so goonish, like come on man, he’s a goonie man.”

Sacramento Kings assistant coach Bobby Jackson shared that Beverley reminds him of a mini Gary Payton.

“I consider a mini Gary Payton. He can defend his man like Gary did, but he has not been able to produce on the offensive end as Gary did,” Jackson told me.

Shaquille O’Neal considers Beverley the modern-day Gary Payton.

This past summer, I interviewed the Payton and asked him about being compared to Patrick Beverley.

“I’ll take that! That is my little youngster and love him a lot, and going to work with him a lot. So, you guys will see me at a lot of Clippers games now that you mentioned it. So, yeah, has that dog in him, and I like him, said Payton. “I was watching film on him yesterday to watch things that he could do or change on defense, and we are going to work that. I don’t care about the offense; it is not the same; he has two players that are going to be a really high profile on offense with Paul and Kawhi.”

“So, I think if he can average 12 to 14 points, I think it will be really good. I think he should focus on trying to win Defensive Player of the Year because I am the only one ever to win it, and he should focus on trying to become the second one, and I think he can do it.” Payton stated.

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