Duron Harmon Excited After Being Traded to Lions

Duron Harmon

Getty Duron Harmon high fives Tom Brady.

Duron Harmon had his world rocked by a trade to the Detroit Lions a few weeks back, but after the initial shock wore off, it’s clear the defender is ready and willing to come in and get to work.

Joining Devin McCourty and Jason McCourty on their Double Coverage Podcast, Harmon explained the range of emotions he felt when getting sent to Detroit from the New England Patriots. It’s a decision he respected even if it threw him for a major loop at the time all things considered.

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“It was tough. It was a lot, it was a lot of emotions going through my head. I spent 7 years here,” he said. “This has been our home, we’ve raised all 3 of our children in the New England area. This is all our kids know, this is what our family has become accustomed to. In the blink of a phone call, it all changed. You get overcome by a lot of different emotions. You just try to take a deep breath and decipher each emotion as it comes along.”

When that shock wore off, however, Harmon admitted he liked what he saw from his new team.

“I look at it from a football standpoint and it’s a great opportunity,” he said. “Get to go in there to Detroit, they got some young guys in there, a lot of good football players and of course they’re trying to win some games. I’m looking forward to going in there with a new opportunity and trying to help them win some games.”

As for what player he’s most excited to play with in Detroit, the McCourty brothers asked Harmon that as well. He admitted to excitement for being able to join linebacker Jamie Collins in a new locale, but as for new teammates, Kenny Golladay was his pick from on the roster.

“I’m a big Golladay fan,” he said, saying he loved the wide receiver in fantasy football. “When we played against him I liked his attitude. I liked how he came ready to play. Him and Stephon (Gilmore) were going at it. He didn’t say anything at all and was playing well. You gotta respect guys like that who don’t need to talk to let people know how good they are on the football field.”

As the next member of the Lions, Harmon sounds ready to come in and make an impact, even if the new job represents a big personal change.

Duron Harmon Might Become Lions Best Offseason Move

Detroit picked up Harmon and a seventh round pick for a fifth round pick, and while many might not understand how important that move was, it could be the play which ends up helping the Lions take things to the next level in what feels like a make or break season in 2020.

Not only is Harmon a great player with a knack for the clutch given his nickname “The Closer” and interception total, he’s a phenomenal leader who can serve as the heartbeat of the secondary. That’s important for the team now that Darius Slay is also moving on.

After the trade was revealed, Harmon made the media rounds and should have made quite the impression on Lions fans with his words and his humility. Here’s a look at some of the quotes Harmon shared:

Those are the kind of players the Lions need more of in the locker room, and what the team is trying to build towards. When folks scoff at more Patriots coming into the mix, they assume mere nepotism. The reality is, Matt Patricia is trying to cultivate his own culture based on understanding. Someone like Harmon can continue to bridge that gap for everyone else and lead by example.

Slay himself didn’t seem ready to lead by example whatsoever. He preferred to hold a grudge against Patricia over an isolated incident. That’s not the type of locker room influence that is going to get the Lions over the top in an important season. Thus, it was easy for the team to decide he needed to move on.

Credit the Lions for adding just the right type of teammate to bring together what figures to be a changed group. Desmond Trufant is coming into the mix, as is Jayron Kearse. It’s possible the Lions draft a few defensive backs as well. The team also has young, impressionable players like Tracy Walker and Will Harris getting set to come into their own.

Exposing them to a leader like Harmon will only serve to make things better, and could be a huge positive for the group in a season in which much has changed and to the naked eye, the bottom could fall out. Think of Harmon as the next generation’s Glover Quin.

Plenty has changed this offseason for the Lions already, and plenty will continue to change. Harmon brings a fresh approach, a scheme fit and a fit with the staff that is admirable. To that end, don’t be surprised if he isn’t the team’s most important offseason addition.

Duron Harmon Stats

Harmon, nicknamed “The Closer” thanks to his penchant for coming up with big plays late in games, has been a player who has been a big-play threat on the back end for New England for years. He’s put together 175 tackles, 17 interceptions and 28 pass deflections for the Patriots in his career.

Harmon joined the Patriots out of Rutgers as a third-round selection in 2013. He’s played his whole career in New England, so it’s safe to say that the move to Detroit was a shock. Harmon has handled it about as well as could be expected, though.

He’s obviously excited to get started on his next chapter.

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