Kevin Love Vows Huge Donation to Cavs Support Staff in Wake of NBA Suspension

Kevin Love, Cavaliers

Kevin Love, Cavaliers

The NBA opting to suspend the rest of the season indefinitely in wake of coronavirus concerns has left many without income for the foreseeable future. In an effort to help curb loss of wages, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love donated $100,000 in an effort to help support staff who will be affected by the cutbacks.

His caption reads: “Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. And the fear and anxiety resulting from the recent outbreak of COVID-19 can be extremely overwhelming.
Through the game of basketball, we’ve been able to address major issues and stand together as a progressive league that cares about the players, the fans, and the communities where we work. I’m concerned about the level of anxiety that everyone is feeling and that is why I’m committing $100,000 through the @KevinLoveFund in support of the @Cavs arena and support staff that had a sudden life shift due to the suspension of the NBA season. I hope that during this time of crisis, others will join me in supporting our communities.

“Pandemics are not just a medical phenomenon. They affect individuals and society on so many levels, with stigma and xenophobia being just two aspects of the impact of a pandemic outbreak. It’s important to know that those with a mental illness may be vulnerable to the effects of widespread panic and threat. Be kind to one another. Be understanding of their fears, regardless if you don’t feel the same. Be safe and make informed decisions during this time. And I encourage everyone to take care of themselves and to reach out to others in need — whether that means supporting your local charities that are canceling events, or checking in on your colleagues and family.”

The 2019/20 NBA Season Will Be Suspended for at Least 30 Days

League officials officially suspended the current NBA campaign on Thursday, but now new details have emerged about how they will reassess how to move forward with fears of the coronavirus spreading in full force.

In addition to an initial 30-day suspension, every player will be tested for COV-ID. Not only has COVID-19 forced the NBA to halt games, but March Madness, one of the most anticipated tournaments in college sports, was also officially canceled on Thursday.

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