Knicks’ Superfan Spike Lee Gets Into Argument With MSG Security [Watch]

Getty Spike Lee watching the New York Knicks with his son Jackson.

Earlier tonight It was reported that Knicks Superfan and Oscar Award Winning director Spike Lee was denied access to Madison Square Garden.

There are a lot of rumors that Knicks owner James Dolan gave the order not to allow Lee into the building tonight’s game against the Houston Rockets.

Lee can be heard saying, ” because no one told me. No one told me. I’m staying here. Now, if you want to arrest like Charles Oakley, go the f*** ahead.  Oh, you going to arrest me, put my head behind my back like Oakley?”

Lee was referencing the 2017 incident was Charles Oakley was arrested after getting into a verbal argument with MSG security.

This is not a good look for the Knicks, who already did not invite Marv Albert to the 1969-70 anniversary celebration. Actor and comedian  Michael Rapaport ripped Dolan for that decision as well.

“F*** the New York Knicks,” tweeted Rapaport. “Here comes Willis! Marv Albert was a Knicks ball boy as a kid a the Old Garden. Sell the team S*** Stain Dolan.”

Turns Out Spike Lee Entered the Wrong Entrance

ESPN’s Malika Andrews reported earlier tonight that Spike Lee was sitting courtside in response to the video that circulated of Spike Lee being asked to leave the Garden.

“After [The] video circulated of Spike Lee being allegedly asked to leave Madison Square Garden, Lee is currently sitting courtside. More to come…., tweeted Andrews.

SNYtv’s Ian Begley tweeted, The circumstances of the video that shows Spike Lee and MSG security are unclear, but he’s been sitting at his customary courtside seat for Knicks-Rockets. So he wasn’t kicked out of the building.

Malika Andrews then reported that it was ‘untrue’ That Lee was asked to leave the Garden

A Knicks’ spokesperson confirmed that it is “untrue” that Lee was ever asked to leave the Garden on Monday Night. According to the spokesperson, there was a mix up over which entrance Lee should enter through.

Charles Oakley’s Lawsuit Against Dolan was Dismissed

According to the New York Post, a civil lawsuit filed by former ex-forward Charles Oakley against Madison Square Garden and team owner Dolan was dismissed by a Manhattan federal judge two weeks ago. Oakley sued Dolan and MSG for false imprisonment and other related charges back in 2017. Oakley shared in his suit that he was being unfairly targeted for voicing his frustration in Dolan’s direction, who was also in the building. However, MSG security claim that Oakley was drunk.

Unfortunately, Judge Richard Sullivan sided with Dolan and MSG, stating Oakley failed to provide a reasonable legal argument to support his claim and dismissed his case.

“From its inception, this case has had the feel of a public relations campaign, with the parties seemingly more interested in the court of public opinion than the merits of their legal arguments. That is perhaps understandable, given the personal and public nature of the dispute,” Sullivan wrote.

“But while basketball fans in general, and Knicks fans in particular, are free to form their own opinions about who was in the right and whether Oakley’s ejection was motivated by something more than the whims of the teams owner, the fact remains that Oakley has failed to allege a plausible legal claim that can meet federal pleading standards.”