Lakers’ Kobe Bryant’s Rival Details How Mamba Torched Them in Fourth Quarter

Kobe Bryant

Getty Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers smiles in the fourth quarter during the game against the Chicago Bulls on November 19, 2009.

Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest basketball players the game has ever seen. He helped the Los Angeles Lakers win five NBA Championships in seven appearances. As the Los Angeles Lakers were named the team of the 2000s.

During his career, Bryant has had some memorable moments such as, of course, his 81 games against the Toronto Raptors on January 22, 2006, his 62 in three quarters against the Dallas Mavericks on December 20, 2005, and his 61 point game at The Garden on February 5, 2009, which was a record at the time. Carmelo Anthony surpassed it when he dropped 62 a couple of years later.

Former Knicks guard Iman Shumpert recently shared another Bryant memory in the Garden where he torched the Knicks in the fourth quarter. Shumpert was a guest on the Ebro In The Morning Show.

“I guarded Kobe in the Garden. I can’t remember how much he had, but I know I had multiple steals against him, to where in the game, in my head, all I’m thinking of is, when I have this conversation with my brother after the game, how I’m going to tell him how I stole the ball from Kobe. How I stripped Kobe before he was going to take a shot, how I drove by Kobe, and got a dunk. Like, I’m thinking about all these things in my head, and I’m so geeked, said Shumpert.

“The fourth quarter starts, and Kobe said, ‘You had a great game. Yo, you had a great game, young fella.’ I swear I looked at the clock like, I’m looking like, ‘There’s 12 minutes [left], what are you talking about?’ What was that, you know what I’m saying? You ain’t said nothing the whole game. I’ve been talking s—, I done stole the ball, I’m hyped as hell, it’s Kobe Bryant. He ain’t said not one word to me. ‘Great game, young fella.’ Locked in.

“The man comes down, you remember, he came shot fake, shot fake, threw it off the glass, caught it, threw it to the corner. I’m like, ‘Bro, what you on? Like, bro, you have been regular all game.'”

Bryant would finish the game against the Knicks with 34 points, including 14 in the fourth quarter, but Shumpert and the Knicks did limit him to 11-of-29 shooting from the field.

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Kobe Bryant’s Former Teammate Cedric Ceballos Reveals That Taught Kobe how to tie a tie

Former Los Angeles Lakers’ forward Cedric Ceballos shared a story on Fox Sports back in January that he taught Kobe how to tie a tie.

“Kobe Bryant’s dad [Joe ‘Jellybean’ Bryant] used to tie Kobe’s ties, and he just put them on around his neck. So, when we went on the road, and he had a suit on, he would just take the tie off him and Eddie Jones without undoing the tie,” said Ceballos. So they would leave it a little loose and roll it around their heads. So, I said ‘yo, you don’t know how to tie a tie?’ – ‘No, my dad usually ties it.’ So, I tried to instruct him on how to tie a tie.”

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