Stat Proves How Elite Darius Slay Has Been With Lions

Darius Slay

Getty Darius Slay celebrates a big play in 2017.

Darius Slay has been getting it done for the Detroit Lions for plenty of years, and the stats always show how Slay is one of the best in the league at his position on the field.

Another stat proves just how great Slay has been at cornerback. Pro Football Focus ran the numbers and showed that since 2017, Slay is tied for second in terms of pass breakups at his position. Slay’s 50 PBU’s only trail Stephon Gilmore, who has 54.

Obviously, this stat is presented at a pretty opportune time for Slay considering the fact that he is on the trading block and the Lions are trying to determine whether to deal him or keep him around on a new contract.

Regardless of anyone’s feelings on that, it’s easy to say that Slay is one of the best pure cover corners in the league, and a guy always capable of getting his hands near the ball to force a big pass breakup. Those are traits which make him one of the best in the game at his position.

Darius Slay Addresses Trade Rumors

Speaking with ESPN reporter Michael Rothstein recently in his podcast entitled The Michael Rothstein Show, Slay was asked about his feelings as it related to the swirling rumors. As he’s maintained in the past, the rumblings have no bearing on Slay or his family.

“I tell my kids that’s the last thing we need to worry about, what my job is doing. We’re going to build our home in Houston. So it doesn’t matter where I be at. If I’m here I’m here, if I’m not, I’m not,” Slay said. “We’re going to be in Houston for the most part just living. We already got that situated, we know this can happen. My son plays video games well enough to know what’s going on, he trades a lot of people on his team. So it will be all good. We’re already prepared for what could happen.”

Slay also re-iterated in the interview that he wouldn’t mind sticking around with the Lions, even as he is prepared to make a move if needed.

“We’d always love to be here, Detroit, finish my career here, but if we don’t, we’re on to the next road, we’re ready,” he said.

Lions Dangers Trading Darius Slay

If Quinn is motivated to keep Slay around, it could be for good reason. Subtracting Slay from the mix would seemingly hamper the Lions’ chances to have an elite season in 2020 given the cornerback’s importance to the team as a whole. If Slay does go, decisions will have to be made.

Analyst Chris Burke of The Athletic explained after new Slay rumors surfaced that the Lions have a big decision to make in terms of whether to deal the top corner. If they do, the team will have to answer the question of “what’s next,” and there are few easy answers to that query. In fact, as Burke says, the move could help the Lions open another gaping hole on their roster prior to the 2020 offseason.

If the Lions do decide on a Slay trade, it’s likely the team will have to make some sort of a signing in free agency, either a Chris Harris, Byron Jones or some other large name. They might also have to look strongly in Jeffrey Okudah’s direction during the NFL Draft. A combination of these moves could

Slay, however, offers the team some security in terms of everyone knowing what to expect from the player at his position. Heading into a bumpy offseason, that fact should offer some comfort to the team and their staff.

If Slay gets traded, the Lions will have a major challenge as it relates to how to react, and that’s especially true given the robust stats he always brings to the mix for the Lions.

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