Tom Brady Free Agency: Chargers Headline Top-4 Landing Spots for QB

Top-5 Landing Spots for Tom Brady in Free Agency

Getty Tom Brady of the New England Patriots

Quarterback Tom Brady has spent his entire 20-year NFL career with the New England Patriots. However, his storied run with the Pats could be coming to an end this free agency. The quarterback is expected to entertain outside offers, which will potentially lead to one of the wildest offseasons in NFL history.

We break down the top landing spots and best fits for the shoo-in Hall of Fame signal-caller.

Top-4 Landing Spots for Tom Brady

  1. 4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are reportedly ready to go “all in” on Brady, however, the likelihood of them landing the six-time Super Bowl champion appears bleak.

With that said, Tampa has no shortage of intriguing options to offer Brady. For starters, they have not only the best receiving duo on this list in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, but arguably the best in all of football. Head coach Bruce Arians also has a history of extending veteran quarterback’s careers, none more obvious than what he did with Carson Palmer in Arizona.

Their defense, while not elite by any means, has an abundance of talented playmakers, led by the likes of Shaq Barrett, Vita Vea, Devin White, Lavonte David, and Jameel Dean.

Finally, it’s easy to overlook the Bucs, but if they had a competent quarterback under center a year ago, chances are they finish with around 12 victories.

3) San Francisco 49ers

While Tampa Bay may not possess an elite defense at the moment, the 49ers certainly do. Team that up with a dominant run game, and tight end George Kittle, and the Niners have the most friendly roster for Brady to step in and immediately compete for Super Bowls.

However, how would that occur? Would there be an NBA-esque sign-and-trade deal? Brady finishes out his final season playing for his favorite childhood franchise. In return, Bill Belichick gets Jimmy Garoppolo, the quarterback he wanted to move forward with all along.

It seems like a win-win, but also extremely far fetched. It’s tough to move on from a quarterback who, one, just brought you to the Super Bowl, and two, is 14-years younger than Brady.

2) Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders would love to make a splash for their inaugural season in Vegas, and landing Brady would certainly do just that. Brady’s former offensive tackle and current Raider, Trent Brown, appears to be on board with the idea.

Oakland offers Brady a potential top-eight running back in Josh Jacobs, a top-five tight end in Darren Waller, and an ever-improving defense. They do, however, lack weapons on the outside, something that Brady has likely seen enough of during the past few seasons in New England.

Plus, while Derek Carr gets a lot of flack, this is a guy who currently owns the 15th-best completion percentage in NFL history. More important than replacing Carr should be giving Carr adequate weapons to succeed, ala his 2017 near-MVP campaign with Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree as his wideouts.

1) New England Patriots

While it’s certainly possible, I can’t fathom Brady suiting up for an NFL team not named the Patriots. The Pats are still a perennial Super Bowl contending team, they offer a superb defense, and have shown a willingness to try improving their offensive skill positions (drafting Sony Michel, signing Josh Gordon, trading for Mohomed Sanu), and while they haven’t hit on all those moves, they’ll likely continue to try and supply Brady with talent.

We may never know how true the rumors of a disgruntled relationship between Belichick and Brady are, but as long as goal number one is winning Super Bowls it shouldn’t matter. Both’s best chance of adding more Lombardi Trophies to their resume come with having the other by their side.

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