Stafford Family Shares Generosity With Detroit First Responders During Coronavirus

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford during a game against the Panthers.

The Detroit Lions have a special man in Matthew Stafford playing quarterback for them, and once again, that was proven by the generosity he has shown off the field.

As a piece by Amber Ainsworth of WDIV Local 4 Detroit proved, the Stafford family is continuing to go the extra mile for folks in Detroit. During the coronavirus outbreak, Kelly Stafford has pledged to help feed doctors, nurses, police officers and firefighters with $5,000 at Wahlburgers.

Here’s a look at the specifics:

“Kelly Stafford contacted the eatery near Beaumont Hospital to say that she and husband Matthew Stafford are paying for first repsonders’[sic] meals.

The couple said they will cover up to $5,000 in orders made by first responders, including doctors, nurses, police officers and firefighters, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The giveaway will begin on Thursday, March 26 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Royal Oak Wahlburgers restaurant only. Customers should order online at or on the Wahlburgers app. Only takeout or curbside delivery is available. First responders should be in uniform or show their ID badge.”

It’s just yet another great gesture from the Lions’ top player which shows why he is a true MVP for his community, and another reason for fans to be proud of Stafford.

Lions Frank Ragnow Shares Coronavirus Message

Lions center Frank Ragnow took time out to provide his take on the goings on in the world with a nice video.

As Ragnow said, there’s reason to be positive even as things have gotten a bit uncertain in recent weeks. Ragnow himself has been doing plenty of working out and fishing, and thinks some time with family could be the best thing for everyone.

“Stay positive Lions fans. It’s a good opportunity to spend some more time with your family,” Ragnow says in the clip. “Get out in the outdoors. You could go fishing. Some great fishing around Detroit. You could go on walks. Take your dogs on walks, take your cats on walks. Take whatever animal you want on walks. Just stay positive and keep the faith because once this corona is over, we’re going to come back stronger than ever.”

The hope is things play out just like that.

Stafford Family Committed to Detroit

Rumors have swirled around Matthew Stafford perhaps wanting away from the Detroit Lions in recent days, but that simply isn’t the case as his wife Kelly Stafford confirmed.

After a new rumor surfaced in the past month which was courtesy of Mike Silver of the NFL Network regarding the fact that Stafford could be pushing the team for a trade, his wife Kelly revealed that to be false, and seemed to stamp out the rumors with an impassioned message on Instagram.

Here’s a look at what it read:

Obviously, that would seemingly end any debates about whether or not Stafford is committed to the Motor City. The Lions have made their statement, and now the Stafford’s have made theirs as well.

Stafford is sticking around, and will be continuing to do great things like this in the future for everyone in Detroit.

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