Does Floyd Mayweather’s Latest Money Grab Point to Comeback?

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Retired boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. revealed his latest money grab this week, and it’s causing some industry insiders to debate whether a comeback fight is on the horizon. The 43-year-old American retired from boxing at 50-0 in 2017 but has consistently teased comeback bouts over the past few years.

So when it was revealed that Mayweather joined Fanmio this week, a service that sells virtual meet-and-greet experiences with celebrities directly to fans via the Internet, some began to speculate if Mayweather might be on his way back to the boxing ring.

Mayweather hasn’t competed in a legit combat sports event since 2017.

Mayweather Is Selling Video Chats to Fans for $1,400

Mayweather’s Fanmio packages range from a $64.99 lottery that nets the buyer a shirt as well as the chance to be randomly selected by Mayweather for an online chat all the way up to the Ultimate Package, which for $1,400 guarantees the person an online video chat with the boxer plus three signed trading cards.

In Mayweather’s Fanmio promotional video, which can be seen on the company’s website, Mayweather tells his fans:

“I would love to invite you to Fanmio, where you can personally meet me, in a one-on-one video meet-and-greet. Now here’s your chance to meet me, no matter where you at around the world. You can ask me anything, ask me about all 50 fights, ask me what’s my eating regimen, ask me what’s my best fight, ask me what’s my best knockout, ask me what I do every day, in retirement. To be the best, you must always work overtime. This event is unbelievable, you guys don’t want to miss out, I’ve got some exclusive pieces I will be signing just for this event. I can’t wait to meet you all, I want to meet your family, your friends.”

Mayweather is just one of the many celebrities selling this kind of thing to fans via Fanmio. And Fanmio is just one of many online services doing this type of thing.

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Former Friend Speculated Mayweather Needed Money Over a Month Ago

Mayweather’s former friend turned bitter rival Curtis Jackson, who is better known as 50 Cent, told New York’s Hot 97 radio over a month ago that Mayweather was desperate for cash and would need a comeback bout soon.

“I think he got to right now because the money’s gone,” Jackson said.

The rapper then described Mayweather’s spending habits, and they seem less than ideal for someone hoping to stay profitable over the long haul.

“It’s fight, get the money, spend the money, fight,” Jackson said.

Jackson said that kind of lifestyle would be what for sure what brought Mayweather back to the boxing ring soon.

“With the lifestyle, that money’s gone,” Jackson said. “Trust me. Now it’s like if you call him he’ll be at your local nightclub because he needs that action right now.”

Mayweather’s UK Tour Made Jackson’s Comments Seem Legit to Some

Soon after Jackson made those comments, Mayweather went on a UK tour where he charged fans for in-person meet-and-greets. Those events also led some to speculate Jackson had been onto something.

Regardless, Mayweather has long been the king of making the most out of his business opportunities. He didn’t change his moniker from “Pretty Boy” to “Money” for no particular reason.

Mayweather has always been an expert at making money, so the fighter continuing to do just that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s broke.

Mayweather’s Most Likely Comeback Bouts Include Massive Fights

Still, the most amount of money Mayweather could make for a single night of work would be to fight again.

Since Mayweather combined with fellow boxing great Manny Pacquiao in 2015 and UFC star Conor McGregor two years later for the top two pay-per-view events in combat sports history, it would make sense for the fighter to look there first.

Even today, rematches against either Pacquiao or McGregor would likely pull some massive numbers, so the idea that Mayweather might be on his way back to the ring someday soon isn’t that far outside the realm of possibility.

Mayweather has also been linked to UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

There are a plethora of possibilities for Mayweather should he return the ring anytime soon, and fans would assuredly open the wallets for the spectacle.

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