Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma Could Average 20 Points Per Game Reveals Radio Host

Getty Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers and Frank Vogel.

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a successful campaign during the 2019-2020 NBA season.

The reason?

The play of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The Lakers are currently sitting in first place in the NBA’s Western Conference standings with a 49-14 record.

LBJ’s stat line: 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds, 10.6 assists and 1.2 steals per contest.

The Brow’s stat line: 26.7 points, 9.4 rebounds, 3.1 assists, 1.5 steals and 2.4 blocks per game.

Appearing on a recent episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, I checked in with lifelong Lakers fan, Melvin Taylor II.

Taylor is a popular radio host at 90.3 WHCR in New York City, writer at RESPECT Magazine and a YouTube personality who has gained over 15,000 subscribers in the last year.

During our conversation he revealed that Kyle Kuzma has the ability to average 20 points per game within head coach, Frank Vogel‘s system.

Kuzma is currently averaging 12.5 points and 4.5 rebounds for the Lakers this year.

Check out a snippet from our dialogue below about the state of the Lakers.

Melvin Taylor on being a die-hard Lakers fan and the Lakers season this year:

“I am a Laker fan ride or die, until the death of me. I was rooting for Smush Parker to average 15 a game, like I’m with it! Chucky Atkins might be able to get us 9 and 6, Rodney Turiaf could get like 8 rebounds, you know we can make this happen…you know, Darius Johnson-Odom could do a couple things – I can pull out Laker names for days…you can’t forget Stanislav Medvedenko, c’mon man, Chris Mihm – 7 feet? He was giving me like, 8 rebounds c’mon bro, I’m wit it! I really wanted 10 and 10 from him but it’s all good. And I can keep going. You wanna talk Lamar Odom? We had Jordan Clarkson, Ryan Kelly was our starting power forward; I remember when Chris Kaman was laying on the bench because we didn’t have enough players to play in the game when they were playing against Cleveland…Shannon Brown? Of course! I can talk about it. I’m here! We can talk about it all day. Kareem Rush? – Kareem Rush had the burner low key. Don’t let Kareem get hot. That left hand threw a lot of people off. They were not ready for that and he was a good defender as well. Kareem, man! Come on Scoop B Radio for sure. Do that! We wanna hear all the stories! I was extremely excited about the Lakers season this year. I felt hands down that they were going to be the champions so it’s kind of a little bit of a buzz kill that we’re not going to be able to have that parade anytime soon. It’s probably going to be pushed back, hopefully not cancelled due to the season being cancelled. I hope we don’t get into that type of situation, but I was very optimistic and very high on what could be accomplished obviously. LeBron was playing at MVP level because a lot of people were saying Giannis was going to have the best PER rating ever for somebody physically would ever have. I don’t take that away from him whatsoever, but the same knock on LeBron in the Eastern Conference every time he was doing this was the fact that he was playing in the Eastern Conference. And now he is over in the Western Conference and accomplishing the same thing, I think that hands down he should be MVP. A lot of people say well Mevin if you look at it, Anthony Davis is leading in all statistical categories and therefore he should be more of a MVP type of presence. I would challenge that to say that in look at the way in which games were played when LeBron was out and AD was in versus when AD being out and LeBron is in.

Those are two totally different stories and I think that AD; this year was for AD to grow and learn from LeBron to say okay, ‘how can I put up this type of production when I don’t have a LeBron level talent there. Let me understand how I’m able to do this. Let me understand what quarters do I need to go get mine? What do I need to fall back on? Can I get my active rest while still being able to be astute defensively? How can I pick up my teammates when they need me? And when can I lean on them when I need them? So I think that’s the case for those two. When you look at the rest of roster, Kyle Kuzma – while a lot of people have been disappointed with his output, I’m somebody that can finally believe that he can be a 20ppg scorer. Especially on this team, right? What a lot of people don’t understand is from watching the way Kuzma plays and the Lakers play and the way he’s played in the past two years, and my own basketball experience playing grade school, high school and in college you can just understand when a player is playing a certain way, they’re trying to transition out of that. For the past couple of years, Kuzma has always been playing on a very young team. And he’s been playing in such a manner about we’re all going to get ours and we ain’t been that necessarily. So we got to put up numbers so that people can understand that we’re grown our game, we’re worth the money, and we’re worth the time and people would want to invest in us. Coming into this year early on, he still had some of that. Transitioning after All-Star break I really saw it towards the end of January, more so after All-Star break you started to see a different side of him; especially the Christmas Day game he had when he said ok, I’m understanding my stock. I understand that if I’m not affecting the game scoring wise, I can make a difference in rebounds at 6’8”-6’9”… I can play some pretty good defense when I put my mind to it. I can also make sure I’m not in the passing lane offensively clogging up the lane when LeBron or AD are streaking down the middle when somebody has a pass for them, I’m not there trying to get two points when they clearly have the mismatch and they’ll be able to get the and-one opportunity. So I think that the Lakers overall man, they DEFINITELY were going to be champions to me but, we’ll see how everything plays out once the entire quarantine is over with.”