NBA 2K20: Lakers Great Revealed in New MyTeam Set

NBA 2K20 Shaquille ONeal and Lonzo Ball are a part of the new Flash Pack 5 Series packs.

The new NBA 2K20 MyTeam Flash Pack 5 series has been released and it features a new Galaxy Opal Shaquille O’Neal and Lonzo Ball.

The Hall-of-Famer and legend O’Neal had a pretty tough-to-handle Pink Diamond card already in the mode, and now this Galaxy Opal figures to be even more destructive in the middle.

Ball, who now plays for the New Orleans Pelicans, had a very useful Diamond card as part of the previously released Leap Year series. This GO version of the popular point guard figures to drive the price of the Diamond down significantly on NBA 2K20’s auction house.

Here is a look at the trailer and a complete list of new cards in the Flash Pack 5 series:

Galaxy Opal Glitched – Shaquille O’Neal

Purists are going to hate this card.

In addition to his 99 strength, 98 offensive and 99 defensive rebounding marks, this version of O’Neal also has a 90 three-point rating, 94 speed, and an 85 speed-with-the-ball attribute.

To make matters worse, or better, depending on how you look at it, the Shaq card also has Hall-of-Fame Range Extender, Catch-and-Shoot and, Clamps.

Good luck stopping anyone who brings this “glitched” behemoth on the virtual court.

Galaxy Opal Lonzo Ball

At 6’6″ Ball qualifies as a big point guard, which is very important in MyTeam. Unlike some of the larger 1-guards in the game, the GO Ball boasts elite speed.

His raw speed and speed with the ball are at 97.  He also has a 97 driving dunk and 98 steal rating. With Hall-of-Fame Range Extender and Clamps, he’ll give you a chance to perform at a high level.

Pink Diamond Glitched – Ben Wallace

Ever wonder what Ben Wallace would have been if he could play small forward and shoot threes? You’re about to find out.

This second glitched card gives the man with the afro a 92 three-point rating to go with his elite defensive attributes. At 6’9″, he has great size for the small forward position and he is just big enough to play against most power forwards.

It’s a little trippy to see Wallace shooting threes, but once you get past that, his animations and player model still prove to be a bit of a limitation for him overall. He probably won’t alter the meta very much in the mode, but he’ll still irritate fans who favor the simulation-style gameplay.

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Amethyst Mohammed Bamba

I always like to identify a potential sleeper card, and for this set, it is the Amethyst Bamba. Length is a big deal in NBA 2K20, and at 7-foot tall, Bamba has it in spades. This card is especially effective because it can play the power forward or center position.

In addition to the passive strengths, the Bamba card also has an 89 three-point rating and 90 speed. The badge game is strong as well with Gold Range Extender and Clamps to highlight the haul. This card will be affordable for you on the auction block, and it is worth a look.

Here are the rest of the other cards included in Friday’s content drop from NBA 2K. Each name is linked to a page on MTCentral where you can see a comprehensive breakdown of their attributes and badges.

Pink Diamond Michael Redd

Pink Diamond Andrew Wiggins

Pink Diamond Career Highlights Rick Fox

Diamond Ray Allen

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