NBA 2K20 Official Patch 11 Notes: 4 Major Details Pinpointed in 2K’s Update

Derrick Rose

NBA 2K20

On Tuesday, 2K released the patch 11 notes via their Facebook page. There are only a few bullet points.

2K’s Official Notes for Patch 11

– Fixed a case where select MyPLAYERs were unable to alley-oops dunk even though they met the rating requirement.
– Addressed an issue in MyTEAM that was restricting the desired accessory colors from appearing in-game for created/customized assets.
– Addressed an issue in MyTEAM where the ball would drop unnecessarily slow for some users when utilizing the ball drop mechanic.
– Addressed a rare issue in MyTEAM where users reported their Collector Level would reset to 0 after performing a bulk sales of cards.

What’s Not in the Patch 11 Notes

My first report on the update was based on firsthand experience and the findings of others in the 2K community, and some speculation based on recent events.

However, it appears more than what we see in the official notes have been updated. In addition to the four items detailed in the notes, there has also been an added discouragement for 2K gamers who quit games early.

Some gamers are having their 2K online access restricted for 15 minutes or more as a punishment for quitting games early. This is being met with mixed feelings. Some gamers have no issues with the initiative because they never quit games–no matter how far down they are on the scoreboard.

Others are giving this change a big thumbs down because they don’t want to be forced to finish a blowout they’re winning or losing. As someone who has been playing 2K since 1999 when the original version was released, I’d have to say I’m in agreement with the former group.

When you sit down to play an online game, you’re committing to a four-quarter experience in MyTeam Unlimited, or until someone gets to 21 in Triple Threat Online. The person you’re playing also has made this same commitment with you once they readied up for the matchup from their console.

To potentially cheat them out of their experience isn’t right. There has to be a happy medium that would satisfy fans on both sides of the spectrum. We’ll see if some sort of compromise is found that will bring us to a sweet spot.

There has been a fix to an accessory bug. You can now make accessories on players of any color. That wasn’t in the game before.

It also appears to have been a buff to shooting in the latest patch. This hasn’t been confirmed, but as someone who plays the game regularly, it feels as if the green window–at least in MyTeam–has shrunk.

Did the Patch Lay the Groundwork for Kobe Bryant Content?

Many 2K fans have been waiting for new Kobe Bryant content to hit the game. Perhaps it has, and that’s part of what the other undisclosed changes to the game have been.

We’re all waiting on Bryant content to come, and most figure it is on the way, but the date hasn’t been officially announced. If and when this information is revealed, I’ll cover it in detail.

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