NBA 2K21: 5 Features We Need In MyLeague on PS5 and Xbox Series X

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NBA 2K’s MyLeague is the best franchise mode available, but there are at least five things 2K could add to make it even better in NBA 2K21.

If we consider the extra power that is on the way in the form of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, there is hope we could see a few of the features expounded upon for the next game in the series. For starters, can we get one of the Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odom L.A. Lakers classic teams added so that we can dump them into a MyLeague?

Now that Odom is in the game, perhaps 2K can also get Andrew Bynum so that those teams can be accurately represented.

Here are the five features NBA 2K21 needs to improve its MyLeague mode.

1. Tattoos on Created Players

If you’re playing MyCareer, you’re able to buy tattoos for your MyPlayer.

However, if you’re an offline roster creator, you’re unable to add tattoos. It’s hard to ignore the complexity and depth of the create-a-player suite in WWE 2K, and not wish for something 75% as good as the options available in 2K’s wrestling title.


In WWE 2K, you can upload an image that can be turned into a tattoo for your created wrestlers. That would be a beautiful option to have in NBA 2K21.

2. More Hairstyles for Created Players

I hate to continue to point to the WWE 2K series for a better example because, in totality, the NBA 2K series is superior. However, without a question, WWE 2K’s customizations–especially for individual models–are top of the line.

That extends to the variety of hairstyles available in WWE 2K games. If NBA 2K had half the options with the ability to arbitrarily color areas of the hair, and to alter the lengths it would unlock another layer of creativity.

Lastly, creators should have more options for facial hair at their disposal. MLB The Show allows you to layer hairstyles which gives the option to create some shadowing effects. NBA 2K21 needs this in a major way.

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3. Enhanced Presentation

I’m grouping a few things into this category. For starters, the NBA Draft should feel bigger and more dramatic than it currently does in the game.

For gamers who play franchise modes, the offseason and its activities are the biggest payoffs for the experience. Nothing is bigger than the draft in that space, thus it should feel like a bigger deal.

Secondly, it’s time for 2K to have a more connected and useful halftime show. This only matters in franchise mode.

Fans who play the other modes will rarely take the time to watch this part of the presentation. Franchise gamers are there for all of the immersion they can get, and that means every piece of broadcast realism.

Other sports franchises have done a better job. There are the obvious NFL 2K5 and another unlikely better example. The overall game wasn’t good, but NBA Live 14 used to do a good job in this area.

Lastly, perhaps the next-generation consoles will have the resources that allow for a weekly wrap-up show with highlights, Player of the Week, etc. This would make MyLeague feel like more of an event.

4. Playing G-League Games

Not everyone will play the G-League games in their MyLeagues, and some will embark on unique experiences where they choose to only play the games from the NBA’s minor league.

Just as it is in MLB the Show where you can play AA or AAA games, gamers who are playing MyLeague should have the option to play games for their G-League affiliates.

5. More Radical League Customization Options

MyLeague has a great offseason feature that allows for rule changes and other structural alterations to the NBA experience. It’s excellent. However, there are some additional ways this customization can be extended.

A four-point line has been discussed by the NBA. I’d love to see how it functions in NBA 2K21. For now, you can add six expansion teams which are far more than any other sports game allows, but because we don’t have a college hoops game anymore, it would be nice if NBA 2K allowed gamers to create a league that would allow college rules and structure.

We don’t know when to expect NBA 2K21 or the next-gen systems as it’s possible all could be delayed. When they are released, hopefully, we’ll see these changes added in the next version on the new consoles.

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