John Harbaugh Offers Thanks to Coronavirus Front Line Workers [WATCH]

John Harbaugh

Getty John Harbaugh celebrates in Atlanta.

The Baltimore Ravens are one of many teams that have been dramatically involved in community outreach in the wake of the coronavirus, and John Harbaugh is yet another coach very thankful for the efforts of everyone on the front lines.

As communities are trying to come together to fight the virus, the Ravens helped out by donating their local first responders some meals to make it through their day, and as Harbaugh said, it was the least the team could do in order to provide some support at a critical time.

The coach also took time out to speak on a call with local doctors to offer his very sincere thanks for what everyone is doing at this time.

“Just so appreciative, so proud of what you do. I know you guys take it in stride and I know you guys think it’s part of the duty and it’s what you signed up for but it doesn’t lessen the sacrifice and the courage,” Harbaugh said. “I just can’t emphasize enough the courage that goes into what you’re doing every day. The time away from your families. We spend so much more time with our families and that’s kind of a nice benefit for us to be locked away here. You have to be away from your families at the same time. Our hearts go out to you for that and we couldn’t thank you enough. The least we could do is help with some meals.”

Clearly, the visit with coach helped brighten several spirits in the room significantly, which is the obvious goal as the tough task of fighting this miserable virus builds up.

Ravens’ Willie Snead Also Revealed Coronavirus Donation

With the world turned on its head by the coronavirus crisis, athletes of all kinds are doing whatever they can to help, and Ravens wideout Willie Snead has gotten into the mix on his own.

Snead revealed that he would be donating $15,000 to help provide food in Baltimore during the crisis, as ESPN’s Jamison Hensley mentioned.

Additionally, Snead had a lot to say about the first responders and true heroes that are emerging every single day during this strange time in America. His comments are shared by everyone who’s been touched by what is playing out on a day to day basis in society in 2020.

Obviously, it’s nice to see athletes getting involved and extra nice to see Snead supporting his city during a tough time. Actions do speak louder than words, and it’s certainly important to call out the fact that Snead’s generosity is a shining light for the city at this particular time.

John Harbaugh’s Ravens Tenure

Harbaugh has been a great coach during his tenure with the Ravens. Even in spite of the playoff trouble this season, Harbaugh is 128-81 in his NFL career, and has one Lombardi Trophy to his credit. He’s also gone 10-7 in the postseason during his career.

The Ravens have been better off for having Harbaugh as their coach through the years, and him getting involved in the community only proves how important he is in the grand scheme of things.

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