Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reveal New Uniforms [LOOK]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reveal New Uniforms

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It’s officially a new era in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers have a new quarterback and a new look. With the signing of Tom Brady this offseason comes Super Bowl aspirations for a team fresh off of just a seven-win season.

While we are uncertain how the team’s all-in approach will fare come the start of the regular season, we are sure of one thing, win or lose, they’ll be doing it in style. Evident by the team’s new threads which were unveiled on Tuesday afternoon. 

Buccaneers Turn Back the Clock With New Uniforms

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Many Buccaneers fans were hoping for a return to the beloved creamsicle uniforms that the team donned for a 21-year run dating back to the organization’s inception in 1976. While those hopes weren’t fulfilled at the Bucs uniform reveal on Tuesday, they did however turn back the clock to an even better time in the franchise’s history.

Tampa Bay’s new uniforms are the fourth uniform re-design in the club’s history. However, it’s not far off from a previous installment, one that brings back fond memories for Bucs faithful.

In an attempt to essentially erase the past five years from the memories of fans worldwide, the team returns to a look eerily similar to that of their NFC South dominant, Super Bowl-winning days under the likes of Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden.

After what proved to be a complete and utter blunder on Nike’s end during the Bucs’ previous uniform re-design in 2014, they and the Buccaneers decided to keep things simplistic this time around, eliminating the two-tone sleeves and most importantly the god-awful alarm clock-esque jersey numbers.

Breakdown of New Uniforms

The new uniform consists of the modern flag-and-crossed-swords logo while incorporating the original shade of red from the uniforms used in the 90s and early 2000s. The flag on the helmet has been reduced to ensure the sword is visible on all helmet types used by players, per the team’s website. The words Tampa Bay and the drop shadow have been altered to a pewter color, while the word Buccaneers is a dark red.

The stripes on the pewter and white pants of the new uniform are exactly as they were from the previous era, using an alternating color scheme of black, orange and red straight down the side of each leg.

While their home and away uniforms are reminiscent of year’s past, the team’s Color Rush uniforms or alternative uniforms are a brand new look. The uniform consists of pewter tops and pewter bottoms with red-and-white striping down the side of the pants, as well as outlining the numbers. The Buccaneers are allowed to wear these alternatives up to three times per year during the regular season, per NFL rules.

However, the most important take away is the team returning to the twill front from their original jerseys, ditching the alarm clock numbers for good.

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