NFL Analyst Slams Seahawks for Treatment of Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Father

Getty Russell Wilson shared a heartfelt message about his father.

Despite Russell Wilson being the highest-paid player in the NFL, Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd believes the quarterback is being underappreciated by the Seattle Seahawks. Cowherd cited the recent trade rumors and the Seahawks’ silence as a sign of disrespect.

“Here was a prime example – there was a rumor that Cam was going to go to the Steelers,” Cowherd explained to ESPN 710 Seattle. “An hour later, Kevin Colbert, the (Pittsburgh) GM, came out and said, ‘Not true, Ben (Roethlisberger) is our guy, zero chance it’s happening.’ That thing floated out with Russell Wilson. (There) wasn’t a single person for the Seahawks that said, ‘That’s stupid, it’s not happening.’ I don’t think they get Russell, I don’t think they appreciate him. They say they do, their actions tell me they don’t. …I just don’t think they respect Russell Wilson. I never have… I just don’t think they understand what they have.”

NBC Sports’ Chris Simms reported that the Seahawks discussed trading Wilson to the Browns for the No. 1 pick back in 2018. Cowherd pointed to the Seahawks’ offense as another point of tension to watch between Wilson and the franchise.

Cowherd Wants the Seahawks to Open up the Offense to Take Advantage of Wilson’s Skills

Cowherd praised Pete Carroll but admitted he wants to see the coach relinquish some of his control of the offense to Wilson. He noted that Wilson needs to have a “greater say in [the] offense.”

“They always win so they’re coexisting,” Cowherd said during his interview with ESPN 710 Seattle. “And I do believe Pete is hearing – behind the scenes, it’s not done publicly – but I do think Pete knows Russell wants a greater impact on the offense and I think Russell should have it. And I do think Pete this year, there are stories that they’re going to change some things up, and they need to. Anything can coexist. A marriage can be in trouble and improve if everyone becomes a better listener. …I like Pete. I’d vote him into the Hall of Fame, first ballot, I think he’s great. But I do think in order for he and Russell Wilson to grow, I think Pete has to allow Russell a greater say in [the] offense.”

The Seahawks Have Been Showing Signs That They Plan to Open Up the Offense

The good news is the Seahawks have shown signs that we could see a more aggressive offensive gameplan in 2020. NFL Network’s Omar Ruiz reported that the Seahawks are “exploring ways to run that uptempo style of offense” next season.

“They are exploring ways to run that uptempo style of offense more often during games without changing their identity, which is one of the reasons they created a pass game coordinator, promoting former quarterbacks coach David Canales to that spot and promoting former offensive assistant and former Seahawks and Rams quarterback Austin Davis to the quarterbacks coach spot,” Ruiz noted, per ESPN 710 Seattle.

As for Cowherd’s criticism, the Seahawks do not frequently comment on rumors, even those that involve their franchise quarterback. The Seahawks broke the bank to sign Wilson to a long-term extension last offseason. Seattle is always going to explore ways to improve their roster, but that does not mean Wilson is going anywhere.