Lamar Jackson Details His Next Ideal Career Step With Ravens

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson scores against the Chiefs.

Lamar Jackson has done a little bit of everything during his first few years in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens, and he’s got a mind to follow Patrick Mahomes as it relates to what’s next.

Speaking recently, Jackson explained what he wanted for the next step in his career, and he admitted it would be nice for him to do what the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback did recently in terms of being a league MVP who then manages to win the Super Bowl.

Jackson has seemingly done everything a quarterback can in the early part of his career short of having playoff success. That’s the next step for the Ravens as well, as they have struggled to get over the hump in recent years. Like it or not, that will continue to define Jackson and the team in the short term. He’s not above saying he wishes to accomplish what a rival has at this point.

Jackson should enter 2020 with as good a chance of anyone to make these goals a reality.

Colin Cowherd Betting Patrick Mahomes Has Better Career

According to Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports, he’s taking Mahomes to have the more successful career overall in the NFL.

“I’d still take Patrick Mahomes the next 10 years. I think there’s a gap between Mahomes and Lamar Jackson,” Cowherd said. “When Lamar Jackson trails late in games, he gets further away from what makes him special; the feet. When Patrick Mahomes trails late, he leans into his greatest talent, throwing the ball.”

As Cowherd continued, Mahomes is never out of a game, something which showed up in the Super Bowl which is different than Jackson.

“There’s no formula with Patrick Mahomes. He can trail by 21 late, it doesn’t matter. That’s the gap between Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, and it’s no shot at Jackson. You saw the gap. You felt the gap,” he said. “Even the Baltimore coaches first half against Tennessee’s low wattage offense, when Baltimore trailed first half, you could sense the Baltimore coaches’ panic. In the Super Bowl, there was never any panic. That’s the gap. That’s the difference. Not all MVP’s are flawless.”

Cowherd believes that Jackson has conditions to be able to win games, while Mahomes doesn’t.

“As long as he gets the ball, he’ll win. I don’t feel that way with Lamar,” he said. “I feel there’s a certain style and the game has to work a certain way and Lamar needs a running game. He’s better playing with a lead, playing downhill. Don’t want him trailing by 2 touchdowns with 6 minutes left. I thought you saw a gap there.”

As always, it’s easy to judge these things in an immediate vacuum but likely, the only thing needed to completely judge this is time.

Analyst Predicts Patrick Mahomes-Lamar Jackson Rivalry

In Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, the league could have its new top rivalry for years to come. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press even goes so far as to say it could become this generation’s Brady vs. Manning.

Mahomes has made back to back AFC Championship game appearances, while Jackson has been knocked out of the playoffs the last pair of seasons. Mahomes won last year’s MVP award, and Jackson could very likely be on track to do the same this season. Both play a different game than Brady and Manning, which could only figure to shake things up further for the league in terms of style and competition.

All of that could set up a fantastic rivalry for football fans for a long time. But the duo better start to win multiple Super Bowls in order to reach what Brady and Manning had head to head for years.

Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes

Though the duo did not meet up in the 2020 playoffs and haven’t dueled there as of yet, it will not be a stretch to see them battle into the next decade as the next “it” rivalry at quarterback in the NFL. Mahomes, just a few years into his career, has burst on the scene with an MVP award, All-Pro honors and has been to a pair of Pro Bowls. Jackson is set to do the same after his work this season.

Head to head, the Chiefs have beaten the Ravens two straight games dating back to 2018. Jackson hasn’t yet managed to get over the hump with a win against his biggest rival. Until he does, it’s fair for some to keep him behind Mahomes in terms of the best in the NFL.

Stay tuned in the future, of course, to see where the argument goes in the coming years. Many see this as the new big rivalry in football for a long time.

It doesn’t stop the fact that Jackson wants to be where Mahomes has been recently.

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