Tigres Goalkeeper Reveals Special Lionel Messi Clause in His Contract

Lionel Messi

Getty Lionel Messi chats with Nahuel Guzman on international duty

Tigres goalkeeper Nahuel Guzman has revealed he has a special clause in his contract that allows him to return to Newell’s Old Boys but only if Barcelona captain Lionel Messi goes too.

Both players began their career at the Argentine club, and Guzman told TyC Sports there is a way for the pair to return to La Bombonera in the future.

“When I proposed the clause, they told me they would include it. The only way they will let me return to Newell’s while I have a contract, even if it is for just six months, is if Messi goes back there, too. I would be delighted if it happened because Messi wants it and is motivated to play in Argentina, although it is difficult to imagine. We all have our own family situations and I imagine there is also the issue of exposure.”

Messi and Guzman have played together before at international level for Argentina.

Messi’s Newell’s Dream Disappearing

Messi has made no secret of the fact that it would be a “dream” to return to Newell’s before be finally hangs up his boots. Yet he has also admitted that it is becoming increasingly unlikely that he will play for his boyhood club again.

He told TyC Sports back in October that family concerns could prevent a return to Argentina as he is settled in Barcelona with his wife and young family.

“I have the dream of being able to play for Newell’s in Argentina, but I don’t know if it’s really going to happen because I have a family that is ahead of my desire. It’s a dream I’ve had since I was little, but I have a family, I have three children, I live in a place that has given me everything and where I am calm and can give my children a spectacular future.”

Messi’s cousin, Emanuel Biancucchi, has also explained why it would be so difficult for the Barcelona captain to return in an interview with Ole.

“Leo has a lot of love for Argentina, people never understand that. If it were not for insecurity, I have no doubt that he would play in Argentina, that is the only thing that can affect him when it comes to him returning. It is my dream to be able to see Leo at Newell’s, but I see it as complicated. It is difficult, imagine that Messi plays a Classico, the kids have to go to school…the city is hell.”

Newell’s Not Giving Up Hope

Yet Newell’s do not appear to have given up all hope the forward may one day don their famous shirt again. Vice-president, Cristian D’Amico, has said he “knows” that if Messi decides to leave Barcelona in the future he will head home.

Messi is currently contracted to Barcelona until 2021, although it’s expected the club will offer him a lifetime contract. The 32-year-old has already admitted he would like to finish his career at Barcelona “because of what I feel for the club and for my family.”

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