Legendary Seahawks QB Links Colin Kaepernick to Seattle

Getty Warren Moon believes the Seahawks are a good fit for Colin Kaepernick.

As protests continue across the country, the story of the Seahawks’ previous discussions with Colin Kaepernick has reemerged as the quarterback remains unsigned. During a TMZ interview, legendary NFL quarterback Warren Moon called the Seahawks a “good fit” for Kaepernick.

“They [Seahawks] know what he can do as a player cause they’ve been against him many times in the division when he was the starting QB in San Francisco,” Moon explained. “It’s just a matter of whether he still wants to play football. I think the Seahawks style of play fits what he likes to do and I think it would be a good fit if he wants to play football.”

Moon Believes Kaepernick Would Have to Fully Commit to Football to Get Signed

Moon is a familiar face to Seattle sports fans thanks to his time at the University of Washington and the quarterback later suited up for the Seahawks from 1997-98. He was also part of the Seahawks broadcast team, but Moon is best known for his time with the Oilers and Vikings. The Hall-of-Fame quarterback noted that Kaepernick’s upside depends on his commitment to football.

“I know he’s really involved in this crusade of his with social injustice,” Moon explained to TMZ. “…It takes a lot of focus so you’re gonna have to pick one. If he’s willing to play football and put the time in that’s its gonna take to be a quarterback in the NFL, he definitely deserves an opportunity to get that because he was definitely misinterpreted 4 years ago with his stand.”

Kaepernick canceled a 2019 workout organized by the NFL at the Falcons facility in favor of one that was hosted by his own representatives. The workout was attended by several NFL teams, but the quarterback remains unsigned. NFL teams could be more open to signing Kaepernick given the momentum we are seeing across the country with many fans taking part in protests.

The Seahawks would be an interesting landing spot, but Seattle recently re-signed Geno Smith who is the favorite to be Russell Wilson’s backup. Seattle also signed undrafted free agent Anthony Gordon to compete with Smith for the backup quarterback position.

Pete Carroll & Russell Wilson Praised Kaepernick in Light of the Global Protests Inspired by George Floyd’s Death

Both Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson praised Kaepernick as protests have occurred all around the world after the tragic death of George Floyd. Wilson admitted that he believed Kaepernick should have found a job in the NFL by now but deferred the question to Carroll.

“That’s really, I think, a Pete [Carroll] question, but I think ultimately, he could definitely be on our roster, for sure,” Wilson noted in a recent press conference. “He can do a lot of great things. He’s a really talented player that’s for sure.”

The Seahawks met with Kaepernick in 2017 but declined to sign him noting they already had their starting quarterback. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported in 2018 that the Seahawks canceled a workout with Kaepernick after he remained committed to protesting during the national anthem. Yet, Carroll praised Kaepernick during his recent Flying Coach podcast.

“I think that there was a moment in time that a young man captured,” Carroll explained, per ESPN. “He took a stand on something, figuratively took a knee, but he stood up for something he believed in — and what an extraordinary moment it was that he was willing to take. …But what happened from the process is it elevated awareness from people that just took everything away from what the statement was all about, and it just got tugged and pulled and ripped apart.”

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