Controversial Vet Reveals Why COVID-19, Clippers No Match for LeBron James

LeBron James Kawhi Leonard

Getty Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James

Two years ago, LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers for a second time and joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

Goodbye Akron,Ohio and hello purple and gold with a side of Space Jam 2. In his time with the Lakers, James has endured serious injury, teammate switches from Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram to Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Dwight Howard, DeMarcus Cousins and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.


Guided by head coach Frank Vogel, the Lakers are looking to bring championship number 17 to the City of Angels this year.

Holiding a 49-14 record, the Lakers current sit in first place in the NBA’s Western Conference. Their biggest competition could be the Los Angeles Clippers who count Kawhi Leonard and Paul George as stars.

The coronavirus pandemic halted the NBA season for a while. The league is looking to begin play next month and both the Clippers are looking to win a championship.

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Million Dollar Question: Does the momentum shift for the Clippers or the Lakers?

“Yeah, it actually does change,” Ryan Hollins told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“And Scoop, you heard me say this on a number of platforms and I’ve said that this is the Clippers year to win. They have enough bodies to throw at LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard is the baddest man on the planet and Paul George shooting; and if that’s not working you got Lou Williams. You’ve got three legit playmakers who can give you something down the stretch and in Doc Rivers is really good at making things work and make sense, because any other coach would be like, ‘Who do I give the basketball to in the 4th quarter?’ and Doc would draw up something where everybody is going to go out and get theirs. But when I look at COVID-19 and sitting out and keep in mind Scoop, I played 13 years in the league. I understand what it’s like to be a veteran. I’m going to favor experience. Now I gotta look at the guy who played in 9 NBA Finals. Now I gotta look at the guy who has an experienced team around him; so even from a leadership aspect, it’s about how do you lead the troops? How do you prepare your body? I got to look at the guy who’s obsessive about the training room and his cardio, and his nutrition. LeBron… you can speak to DWade, you can speak to Kendrick Perkins, you can speak to any of these guys who played with Anthony Davis who played with LeBron James, he’s tied to always something about the body. He’s taken it to another level. So, he’s the guy in COVID-19 still on peak shape. He’s going to be just fine. You’re going to have to get used to banging him and hitting him a little bit, but he’s going to be absolutely fine. It’s going to run down to experience. I give that edge now to LeBron James.”

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