Patriots’ Devin and Jason McCourty Talk ‘Scary’ 2020 NFL Season

Getty The McCourty Twins

If you have reservations about the 2020 NFL season in light of the impact of COVID-19, imagine how the players feel. Patriots defensive backs Jason and Devin McCourty spoke on some of their concerns on Sunday’s episode of Double Coverage, their podcast.

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Episode #47 | ESPY's Pre-Show | S2E32Happy Father's Day! Today Devin and Jason take calls from fans and just chop it up. Sunday Night, June 21st at 8:00pm EST the McCourty Twins host a Live episode of Double Coverage. If you'd like to join the show live as a guest, download the Fancred App and hit the green Fan Line button…2020-06-22T13:07:38Z

The twins were asked how they are looking at the new season, and their answers were interesting. Jason says he doesn’t believe in group workouts. He added:

It’s kind of scary because something like that, I think it was probably just offense, so they probably had maybe 10 guys out there. When you think about the future, if it’s hard for 10 guys just to get together to do little passing drills or anything of that nature, to think about somewhere between 53 and 90 guys in a training camp, it’s going to be insane. So I don’t know how that’s going to turn out.

Devin added:

I think everybody’s nervous, because the norm is that we just go to work — we put in a lot of work, we bond together, we lift, we’re in close quarters. It feels like that’s all being taken away from us, so I don’t know how to react. I don’t know what’s it’s going to be. I love how a lot of players’ attention has been on what’s going on outside of football, and I think we’ll continue to do that. But figuring out football, to me, seems to be the hardest thing right now. We hope, but I don’t know if we’ll figure it out, honestly.

You’d have to believe the McCourty twins can’t be the only players who feel some level of anxiety about the upcoming season. There is so much uncertainty about what preparation looks like, getting their bodies into proper shape, staying healthy as it pertains to COVID-19, and escaping injuries. It’s all got to be on the table.

In any case, the McCourty twins are a massive blessing to the Patriots organization. Their openness, candid nature and down-to-earth approach with fans is truly amazing. Few, if any teams in the NFL have players on their roster who do this level of connection with fans.

It’s a plus for the players, teams, league, and in this current climate, the country and world.

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