Ravens Breakout Star for 2020 Season Revealed

Marquise Brown

Getty Marquise Brown celebrates a big play

The Baltimore Ravens have a young roster on the rise for the 2020 season, and plenty of players who could step up and ascend to stardom.

One such player is wideout Marquise Brown. According to NFL.com writer Adam Rank, who looked at the franchise a bit closer, Brown is the answer to the question of who is set to break out in a big way this coming season. As Rank says, Brown is a threat to make a huge change this season in terms of dominance.

Rank wrote:

“Brown announced his presence by catching an 83-yard touchdown bomb from Lamar in Week 1 in Miami for just the second reception of his career (the first was also a touchdown!), and he went on to be everything the Ravens wanted him to be. He led Baltimore receivers with seven touchdown catches, which might not look great — until you consider he was playing for the team that attempted the fewest passes in the NFL last season. It’s the difference between running a mile on flat land and running a mile on one of those crazy treadmills from the Eliminator on American Gladiators. It’s almost like Randy Moss in 2007. All right, all right. That was too far. But Brown was good. I will also point out that injuries took their toll on him last year — Brown was limited in the preseason because of a foot injury, and after returning from an ankle injury that cost him two games in Week 9, he did not run more than 25 routes in any game last season — which means we can expect a big spike in production from him if he can stay healthy in 2020. The fact that he had a screw removed from his foot this offseason is an encouraging sign.”

That would be a huge development for the Ravens, who need to see their offense gain more weaponry to be able to turn things around in 2020. The strides taken by Brown even last season show that the wideout is ready to step up and become one of the best of the best in the NFL.

To that end, this prediction might be spot on.

Marquise Brown Pegged for Turnaround Season

Many across the league see Brown taking some leaps forward. This offseason, on Good Morning Football, host Peter Schrager was asked to provide a player that he sees rising in a big way this coming season. His pick was Brown, and it was thanks to what he was able to do on the field late last year in a tough defeat for the game.

Schrager explained:

“We always talk about this AFC Divisional loss to the Titans. We say the Ravens just didn’t have it that day, and they got stopped on fourth down and maybe Mark Ingram was hurt. Marquise Brown was awesome in this game. The rookie had 7 catches for 126 receiving yards. Down the stretch, Lamar (Jackson) was basically zeroing in on one guy and one guy only and “Hollywood” delivered,” Schrager said. “He was hurt at times last year, but he was a superstar last year when they got him the rock. Get him another offseason, get him another year with Lamar, put him in that offense again. I can’t wait to see Hollywood Brown. I think he most definitely will have a better sophomore season than he did his rookie year and his rookie year was pretty good.”

The Ravens added some wideouts in the NFL Draft, but obviously, Brown becoming a star would be the quickest way for the team to add some major weaponry to the mix for the present and future. It seems as if Brown has a great chance of transforming himself in this way in 2020.

Marquise Brown Already Prepared for 2020 Season

Even though it’s been a different kind of offseason to this point, Brown has wasted little time continuing to improve his own standing and his own body. Consider some of these recent examples:

Obviously, Brown is being counted on to take the next steps forward, and with this type of justified hype, he’s putting himself ahead as it relates to doing just that for 2020.

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