Pete Carroll Makes Strong Statement With Seahawks Players

Seattle Seahawks

Getty The Seahawks will be without center Kyle Fuller for the start of the season.

Pete Carroll has been outspoken about his desire to see change in our country and the Seahawks coach along with general manager John Schneider made an even bigger statement with several of their players. Carroll and Schneider joined a number of former and current Seahawks players in a Seattle march to support Black Lives Matter.

The “Bridge to the Future” march was organized by K.J. Wright’s wife Nathalie Wright along with Kam Chancellor’s wife Tiffany Chancellor. The event started at Mercer Island’s Aubrey Davis Park and those in attendance walked across the I-90 bridge. Carroll explained that the group was walking together to “bring about the respect and equality that all people deserve.”

“It’s a great day for everybody to make a statement and support the whole cause,” Carroll explained, per “Today we walk with our family and our friends, but we also walk with a bunch of people that we don’t know from a bunch of different places and backgrounds, you name it. All of us that are walking are walking because we’re sharing a dream and have a goal that we share to bring about the respect and equality that all people deserve.”

Kam Chancellor Praised His Wife Tiffany Chancellor’s Efforts to Organize the March

Chancellor is one of the most popular Seahawks players in recent memory but was forced to retire prior to the 2018 season as a result of a serious neck injury. Chancellor praised his wife’s efforts to help organize the event and noted that “when we come together the impossible happens.”

“The rain held off so that the sun could shine🌞,” Chancellor explained on Instagram. “I am beyond proud of my wife @tiffanychancellor and @natty.b00 for putting together the #Bridgetothefuture march across the I90 bridge. But there is still work to do, and we all have a role to play in it. “When we come together the Impossible happens”. #blacklivesmatter #I90 #Seattle #Love #BetterFuture #Change”

The News Tribune’s Gregg Bell relayed some of the powerful words that were spoken at the rally.

“We have to keep fighting for equality, fighting for justice,” Tiffany Chancellor implored. “This march is so much more than a march. It is a call to action. So today I am asking all of you to make a few vows with me. We must vow to teach our children that differences in people are beautiful and something to be celebrated.”

K.J. Wright on March: ‘We Just Getting Started’

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Wright also posted photos from the event on Instagram. The Seahawks linebacker gave his wife a shoutout and noted “we just getting started.”

“We just getting started!” Wright noted. “So proud and so thankful for my wife @natty.b00 & @tiffanychancellor for doing this for our families and community! Love will always defeat hate #blacklivesmatter ✊🏾🖤”

A number of Seahawks have spoken out about police brutality and their support for Black Lives Matter since the death of George Floyd. Bobby Wagner attended one of the early protests in Seattle and discussed his experience during a recent press conference.

“It has to mean something, guys,” Wagner explained, per The News Tribune. “You know, I feel like it won’t really hit home until it happens to you. So, I mean, I know—I can’t see everybody on this Zoom call, but I’ll go out on a limb and say y’all rock with me. I’m pretty sure everybody on this call rocks with me. So imagine if I was that person. Imagine if that was me, with the knee to the neck. How would you feel? It don’t to happen to someone close to you for you to feel that way. I just urge everybody to educate themselves, and to figure what to do to make this better. The point is not, do you agree or disagree? It is, are you listening to the other perspective?”

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