Seahawks Give Update on Quinton Dunbar’s Status

Quinton Dunbar Richard Sherman

Getty Quinton Dunbar has been in the Seahawks' virtual meetings.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar remains with the team and has been participating in virtual meetings. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll confirmed that Dunbar is back with the team (virtually) after taking some time to deal with the legal issues stemming from allegations that he was involved in a robbery.

“He took a few days to take care of the stuff he had to take care of back home,” Carroll explained in his press conference. “He’s still there in Florida. He’s been very open in the discussions of what is taking place. There is a whole process going on. I don’t have the details of where that is right now and wouldn’t comment on that anyway. We have been very much connected with him and what is next and all of that.”

It looked like Carroll was about to give a positive update on Dunbar’s case, but the Seahawks coach stopped himself in mid-sentence given the legal investigation is still ongoing.

“It seems like things are taking…I shouldn’t even say [that],” Carroll continued. “I don’t even know but we are following along with him. He is back and participating with us and focusing real well now. So, we’ll see what happens with that. We’ll be right on it. John [Schneider] and his guys are all over it. There is just not much I can share with you about it.”

Dunbar Denied the Allegations & Has Sworn Statements From Witnesses

Dunbar has maintained his innocence throughout the process. Dunbar’s attorney Michael Grieco told ESPN 710 Seattle’s John Clayton that he has five sworn statements from witnesses backing his client’s innocence.

“With these five individuals, one of them had always consistently said that what the other four said was not accurate, so…the same statement (he gave) to the police is the same statement he gave me,” Grieco explained. “The other four individuals, they’ve come around and they’re telling the truth now. They told it to myself that this didn’t happen and we’re hoping that the state attorney’s office down here does the right thing.”

There have not been many new details released on the status of the legal proceedings but early indications seemed to indicate Dunbar has a strong case. The Seahawks acquired Dunbar earlier this offseason in a trade with the Redskins and the new addition was expected to be a starting cornerback in 2020 prior to the recent incident.

Former Pro Bowl Cornerback DeAngelo Hall Believes in the Potential of the Griffin-Dunbar Duo

Former Pro Bowl cornerback DeAngelo Hall was a teammate of Dunbar in Washington and praised the Seahawks’ new addition. Hall believes that Dunbar along with Shaquill Griffin can form one of the top cornerback duos in the NFL.

“I’d love to be able to get my hands on him and work with him [Griffin] because I see all the potential in how great he can be teaming him up with Dunbar, man, those two dudes are going to be some of the nicest tandem of young corners in the National Football League,” Hall explained to ESPN 710 Seattle. “Both those kids can run, and when they have an opportunity, they make football plays.”

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