Analyst Guts Cowboys for Making Dak Prescott Look ‘Greedy and Selfish’ [WATCH]

Dak Prescott

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Shannon Sharpe recently took the Dallas Cowboys to task over frayed contract negotiations with quarterback Dak Prescott.

In a May 29 segment on FS1’s Undisputed, the Hall-of-Fame tight end blasted Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and vice president Stephen Jones after a report surfaced indicating the club was upset that Prescott increased his demands amid his hot start to the 2019 season.

“All the Cowboys are trying to do is make Dak look greedy and selfish, this is why they keep leaking this information,” Sharpe said in part. “Jerry and Stephen Jones shouldn’t stoop to this level. Jerry’s done this before, but only when he can do it to a player, he deems it appropriate.”

Sharpe accused the Cowboys of leaking information included in the report, issued last week by Yahoo Sports insider Charles Robinson. Dak’s purported self-leveraging, Robinson explained, crossed a “hurtful point” with the Joneses, one in multiple fractious moments between the sides, helping to explain why long-term discussions remain ongoing, nary an end in sight.

“I really don’t think they are that far apart. They are just so stubbornly dug in because of how this negotiation has gone at points,” Robinson said on 105.3 The Fan. “The Cowboys could not have felt more burned than they did when they went back to Dak’s camp last September (and) the number went up. And that really was a hurtful point. I think they were not only upset at Dak’s representation, I think they were a little upset at Dak. It’s business, you know. You’d be kidding yourself to sit there and think they were never mad at Zeke (Ezekiel Elliot) during that negotiation. It’s germane to the process.”

Sharpe was quick to point out the hypocrisy stemming from The Star.

“As long as Jerry can do it to a player, does he deem it appropriate. But if a player were to ask Jerry for more money, because he believes he performed better than the contract, Jerry has a conniption,” he said. “And now he leaks this information to the Cowboys’ fan base to say, ‘See, guys, we’re trying to get this done. But Dak is being greedy. Dak is being unfair to us. And I don’t really know what you want us to do. We’re just going to hold firm to our guns.’ That’s all Jerry’s doing.”

Dak’s Sparkling September — Then to Now

Prescott led the Cowboys to a 3-0 record last September after vanquishing with relative ease the New York Giants, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins. His numbers for that span were outstanding, if not historic: 920 passing yards, nine touchdowns, two interceptions.

Perhaps realizing his worth, staring down the barrel of unrestricted free agency, he estimated his next contract in the $40 million-per-year range, something no player in league history has ever received. Prescott’s camp relayed this figure to the Cowboys’ brass, who flatly declined.

The team reportedly counteroffered with a five-year pact worth at least $33 million annually and $105 million guaranteed. Prescott refused to settle, allegedly aiming to surpass Seattle’s Russell Wilson ($35 million annually) as the sport’s highest-paid QB.

Where Things Stand

Eight months later, the parties are still meeting infrequently at the bargaining table. The latest proposal reportedly floated from Dallas to Dak would pay the 26-year-old just under $35 million per year but includes guarantees close (if not equal) to Jared Goff’s record-setting $110 million.

The Cowboys and Prescott have until July 15 to reach an agreement, or else the latter will be forced to play the 2020 campaign on his $31.4 million franchise tender, which he’s yet to sign.

Needless to say, Sharpe is siding with the two-time Pro Bowler.

“Dak, keep on holding out. Stick to your guns, bro!” he said.

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