Tyson Fury Responds to Allegations About Loaded Gloves [WATCH]

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WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury finally addressed allegations that his gloves were illegally loaded with foreign objects during his dominant seventh-round stoppage of Deontay Wilder back in February. Fury addressed the charges which began with fan theories posted on social media almost immediately after the fight via Instagram on Monday.

“This is just a quick video to address all this foul play talk from Deontay Wilder and his team,” Fury said. “I just read an article saying that I might have had some blunt objects in my gloves. Yeah, two…275 pound destroyers [Fury’s fists] in each glove. So yeah getting punched on the temple may do that to you.”

Fury went on to point out that for the loaded gloves conspiracy to be valid, it would have had to include the Nevada Athletic Commission as well as Wilder’s trainer Jay Deas also being in on the plot since those were the people present in the room when Fury’s hands were wrapped and gloves were put on that night.

That process, of course, happens before every professional boxing bout. Fighters’ hands are wrapped under the supervision of the local boxing commission as well as someone from the opponent’s dressing room, usually the fighter’s cornerman.

“Jay Deas was in there when I had my hands wrapped,” Fury said. “He was in the room. He examined them. He was in there when I had my gloves put on. Examined them.”

So Fury called the theory that he won the second fight via stoppage because of foul play “bulls*t” and promised to score the knockout victory over Wilder again in the assumed third fight later this year.

You can watch Fury’s entire video below.

Fan Theories About Fury’s Stunning Stoppage Win

Fan theories about Fury’s loaded gloves began after the fight was over. Some social media users suggested Fury’s gloves may have been loaded with illegal objects, essentially alleging something could have been placed inside the gloves to harden them up.

Others have accused Fury of removing the padding in his gloves or somehow manipulating the inside of his gloves in a way that would achieve the same effect.

Whatever the case, most boxing insiders have dismissed the allegations as baseless.

Wilder Blamed Wearing Huge Costume For Stoppage Loss

To his credit, Wilder has never expressed any kind of belief that Fury’s gloves were illegal in some way.

Instead, the American power puncher blamed his lackluster performance on the 45-pound entrance costume he wore to the ring that night.

Regardless, Wilder’s younger brother Marsellos Wilder, who is also a professional boxer, suggested recently on Instagram that the loaded gloves theory was valid because his brother “has a dent in the side of his head from his last fight” that couldn’t have come from a gloved fist.

You can see Marsellos Wilder’s full comment in the left pane below as captured by TalkSport’s Michael Benson who also revealed that the video Fury posted on Monday was a direct response to that accusation.

The third Fury vs. Wilder bout is expected to happen later this year or early next. Fury is 1-0-1 against Wilder. The two fought to a controversial draw in December 2018, and Fury won the rematch earlier this year via knockout.

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