Chris Paul’s Influence Created Unthinkable Opportunity for Ja Morant

lebron james chris paul

Getty Chris Paul guarding LeBron James.

Ja Morant‘s dad, Tee Morant says he knew that the Memphis Grizzlies point guard was going to the NBA after playing in Chris Paul’s basketball camp.

“My whole thing was just making sure this kid gets four years in college somewhere, a full ride,” Tee Morant told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“Then once the athleticism kicked in and all that, I was pretty much like, ‘What are these scouts looking at? Why isn’t this kid ranked?’ and me and Ja were in beast mode; we were in our backyard workin’ and everytime it was bright lights, he shined. But it was like no ranking, no this, no that and then Ja was like, “What I gotta do?” and it wasn’t until last year when I figured out – I mean, I found out he said that at one point he wanted to just stop.’It ain’t even workin. They’re not noticing me’ So with that being said, once he went to Chris Paul [Camp] and he worked out – shout out to Chris Paul and Charles Paul my OG…he really shined and his ranking got to where it was. So I’m like, ‘There’s a chance that boy might make it to the NBA…’ Right? And then he showed – he did what Ja do during that season at Murray State – shout out to my Racer Nation…and now it’s like okay, we in there somewhere. But the number #2 pick?…You probably heard it when I said it – when they asked me after the Marquette triple-double they were like, “Where do you think your son should be drafted at?”  And I said, ‘What’s better than one? Draft him zero’… you know?”

What a difference a year makes. Morant is the NBA’s Rookie of the Year in many eyes.

Phoenix Suns Summer League Roster Ja Morant

GettyPhoenix Suns guard Ja Morant

“He’s been a great jolt of energy in the NBA,” NBA Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley told me in the spring.

“I hope he continues to do his thing, he’s been awesome, BUT if they screw Ja Morant out of this Rookie of the Year thing, I’m gonna be really pissed and I’m gonna blow a gasket on TNT.”

That’s high praise from the NBA on TNT analyst.

On the court, Ja Morant is putting in the adequate work to earn such high praise too!

Morant is averaging 17.6 points, 3.5 rebounds and 6.9 assists for a Grizzlies team that currently sits in 8th place in the NBA’s Western Conference.

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