Vikings and Patriots Hall of Famer Critiques Cam Newton

Randy Moss

Getty Randy Moss recently spoke on Cam Newton's arrival to the New England Patriots.

Randy Moss knows what it takes to be successful with the New England Patriots and coach Bill Belichick.

The eccentric and electrifying wide receiver who emerged as a star his rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings and later set records with the Patriots had no promises of success with Cam Newton now running the Patriots offense. But there is one certainty.

“I think we are going to see them have a lot more fun out there and Cam Newton is going to give them that opportunity for the fans, not just the New England Patriots fans, but the football fans just around the world to really see how fun this offense can really be,” Moss said on ESPN on Tuesday.

Moss scored an NFL record 23 touchdowns with the Patriots and Tom Brady in 2007. Although he said Brady had accomplished many things, the NFL fan base could use a spark.

“Not discrediting anything that Tom accomplished… What we’ve seen coming out of New England for the past 20 years — there is going to be a change in New England. We are going to see them having a lot more fun… not just the New England Patriots fans but the football fans around the world to really see how fun this offense can really be.”

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Randy Moss on Cam Newton’s ‘Accuracy Concerns’

Critics of Cam Newton have leaned on the argument that Newton has struggled with his accuracy over the years, and while Moss couldn’t speak to a solution for Newton, he did lay out the possibilities if Newton could tighten up his game.

“There have been concerns of him being inaccurate over the years but ever since that MVP year I don’t really know what happened to cam as far as his accuracy but i think him being able to go to New England to get a fresh start in his career,” Moss said, adding he thinks Newton could find himself back in MVP candidacy if he improves his accuracy.

That may be an easy task for Newton as he could be asked to throw more short passes this season after often throwing the long ball in the beginning of his career.

 ‘The Sky Is the Limit For That Team’

GettyIf Cam Newton can adjust in the Patriots offense, “the sky is the limit,” Moss said.

Moss later touched on what it was like to play for Belichick. What Moss went through when he joined the Patriots is likely what Newton will encounter.

“The one thing I heard before me and even after my departure was how Bill brought all the players down to the same level. He didn’t make me feel that I was better than the team he never made Tom feel like he was better than the team,” Moss said. “He criticized all the good players — the last guys on the roster, he criticized them also.”

“All those intangibles that Cam Newton is going to bring, those are great, but the biggest concerns for us as fans is if he’s able to be accurate with the ball the sky is the limit for that team,” Moss added.

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