Bears’ Offensive Play-Maker Dubbed Best Fantasy Sleeper in 2020

Allen Robinson Bears fantasy outlook 2020

Getty Bears' WR Allen Robinson has been tabbed as an under the radar fantasy pick.

It’s no secret that wide receiver Allen Robinson was the best player on offense for the Chicago Bears last season. Since his arrival in 2018, Robinson has endeared himself to the team and the fan base, both on the field and off. His 1,901 yards receiving and 11 touchdowns led the Bears in that span, and his charity, the Within Reach Foundation, has done everything from handing out masks to the less fortunate to providing food for those in need.

He has been an invaluable member of the team, but one of the bigger storylines surrounding the Bears this offseason is whether or not the Bears will extend him. Robinson is entering the final year of his three-year contract, and Chicago has yet to iron out a new deal with the talented wideout, despite a fan base begging them to do so.

With Robinson playing in what could be a contract year, it’s interesting to think about what kind of numbers he may put up — especially if Nick Foles gets the nod at quarterback. And his fantasy outlook for the 2020 season? According to Complex Sports, even A-Rob’s worst-case scenario looks pretty dang good.

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Allen Robinson Fantasy Outlook 2020: Top 10 WR

Robinson seems to be one of those players who keeps getting overlooked. He had the second most conversions on third down of any receiver last year, and he had more targets beyond the sticks than anyone else in 2019. He also has excellent potential to be targeted on passes over 20 yards, if his recent numbers are any indication.

If Trubisky is the guy, Robinson has served as his security blanket of sorts in the past, and that will absolutely continue. If Foles is the guy, well, Robinson should be just fine too. A-Rob is clutch, and he’ll be getting fed this year.

Here’s what Complex, who picked the wideout as one of their fantasy sleepers, had to say about Robinson’s outlook this season:

“Despite his signal-caller misfortune, Robinson has consistently posted top fantasy numbers. Last year, he had 98 catches for 1,147 yards and seven scores. This season, he could be stuck with the same old Trubisky again…or he could have a new Trubisky, or Nick Foles, under center. Despite spending most of his career as a backup, Foles has better QBR, TD%, and INT% numbers than the 2017 No. 2 overall pick. Foles is a proven winner with the potential to put Chicago’s talented roster over the top. The worst-case scenario is that A-Rob replicates his output from last season. Not bad! Best-case: the quality at QB improves, either by Foles stepping in or by the veteran’s presence motivating Trubisky to elevate his game, and A-Rob becomes a legitimate top-scoring WR.”

So, if a worst-case scenario for Robinson is a season similar to his 2019 campaign, drafting him as your WR1 would be wise. Plus, if Nick Foles eventually makes his way on to the field — and with that contract, he very likely will — Robinson’s fantasy numbers could be better than ever.

The Nick Foles Factor

Foles has a far better deep ball than Trubisky, and he also has a tendency to throw it up, trusting his receivers more in one-on-one situations than Trubisky, who still looked so unsure in and out of the pocket last year. Foles’ skill set could definitely benefit Robinson and the team’s other wideouts more than Trubisky’s, as Foles reads defenses with more ease, and he is better at running an RPO-laden scheme, which Nagy tends to incorporate from time to time. He gets rid of the ball better than Trubisky when faced with pressure, as well.

Plus, as Complex noted, Foles throws more touchdowns and has won more crucial games than Trubisky has. Robinson’s numbers should be top-10 either way, but if and when Foles gets the nod, look for A-Rob’s fantasy value to skyrocket.

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