Eagles’ Shaun Bradley Reveals New Trash-Talking Philosophy

Shaun Bradley

Getty Temple LB Shaun Bradley grew up near Philly and the Eagles took him in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Eagles rookie linebacker Shaun Bradley had a unique way of stoking the competitive flames in college. He used to research opposing players’ girlfriends and make it personal.

The sixth-round pick out of Temple was savage with his trash-talking, too. Bradley would specifically target the running backs and quarterbacks and disguise personal information about them as play calls. Sometimes he would “push him on his head” or “bump him by accident.”

He’s not sure those tactics are smart at the professional level, though. Bradley told reporters last week that he plans to tone that stuff down and earn some respect in the NFL before he starts worrying about trash talk.

“That’s definitely true and I definitely used to do it, for sure,” Bradley said of his college habits. “But, you know, it’s a different league, man, and I definitely want to feel my way through it first. I want to learn from guys. I want to gain ground. I want to earn some respect in this league first before I start worrying about things like that. I have more important things in front of me first. Maybe somewhere down the line, you’ll see that, or I’ll bring that back, but right now I’m just trying to get better and help this team win.”

Maturer words have never been spoken and it’s refreshing to hear from such a young player. Bradley knows a spot on the 53-man roster hasn’t been promised to him. He has to keep his head down and earn it at training camp.

“I’m just gradually taking my time trying to better myself each day,” Bradley said. “Learning from the older guys, learning from the coaches, and just taking it day by day … doing whatever I can to help the team win, and however that pans out is however it pans out.”

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Bradley Loudest Voice in Linebackers Room

A big part of Bradley’s charm is his natural ability to break the ice and ease tension. When he first got to camp, the 240-pounder walked into a rookie meeting and boldly announced his presence by “dabbing everybody up.”

“I walked in and it was real quiet,” said Bradley. “I formally introduced myself real loud and said, ‘Dang it’s quiet in here. What’s up you all?’ I dabbed everybody up, tried to make everybody feel comfortable. The main thing for me is just getting along with everybody, trying to learn about everybody. There are good people here.”

He’s not a quiet guy and that should serve him well in a linebackers room loud on potential but deaf on experience. Bradley and fellow rookies Davion Taylor (third-rounder) and Dante Olson (undrafted free agent) will have legitimate shots to move up the depth chart. However, it won’t be easy. They’ll have to be willing to put in the time and the hard work, including making an impact on special teams.

“I’ve always told myself to never look too far ahead because you never know, the future is never really promised,” Bradley said. “So I take it day by day and every day I try to get better and better so with that being said, I’m doing whatever I can. If I have to come in here and I have to play special teams, I’m going to play special teams — and do whatever I have to do to help the team. Whatever that is, whatever the sacrifice is, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Camaraderie Great Among Rookies at Camp

Bradley has noticed a palpable buzz among the Eagles’ rookies and a real camaraderie so far in camp. They all genuinely like each other and push one another in drills. Little stuff like that in August could prove to be the difference come December when the team is hopefully jockeying for playoff position.

“They’re really good guys [the rookies] from what I can see so far,” Bradley said. “We’re getting along really well, we talk amongst ourselves — even in the drills, in the film room with the coach and all that — it’s a real good relationship. There’s no distance between any of us, we all get along really well, and motivate each other, and push each other as hard as we can.”

He added that he’s gotten to know veteran running backs Miles Sanders and Corey Clement fairly well and relies on them for guidance. Bradley holds a special place in his heart for the starting quarterback, too.

“I have much respect for Carson Wentz,” Bradley said.

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