Eye-Opening Jay-Z, Brooklyn Nets Ownership Story Revealed [VIDEO]

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Jay-Z is one of the best to do it.

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The hip hop lyricist has won 22 Grammy Awards, the most by a rapper and holds the record for the most number-one albums by a solo artist on the Billboard 200, with 14.

The founder of RocNation also holds the distinction of holing a minority stake in the Brooklyn Nets.

Appearing on the Scoop B & Reg Podcast, with Reginald Calixte and myself, Wayno Clark, host of COMPLEX’s Everyday Struggle shared the story of how he found out about Jay-Z’s ownership stake with the Nets.

Transcript is below:

Reginald Calixte: So the whole difference and usually like you know someone’s either talent or they in the background, so forth and then you get a few people who play in the middle, and Jay started off as a as an artist I don’t really even look at Jay as a rapper anymore like, he’s a rapper yeah, and like

Wayno: He’s the greatest man, the greatest ever.

Reginald Calixte: I don’t look at him as like Jay Z anymore really I look at him as like Shawn Carter like he’s almost like a different person to me now

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson:You know how you said Dame is many things but I took it a different way as far as just, I think Jay actually fits the category that I perceived you were saying. He’s many things as an artist, but his artistry is still number one. His business sense comes naturally.

Wayno: Listen man, I was in the studio when Jay told us about the Nets shit.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Tell me more.

Wayno: That was the week. Jay, did I think he did Frontin for Pharrell. He did, like he emailed… that’s when they first started emailing, he emailed it to him. And it was me and Young Chris in the studio. Jay came in studio he’s like yeah he’s like nigga I’m about to be owner of the Nets nigga. Mind you, I’m thinking about this now cause he was like in his early 30s, and we use like in our early 20s I think, I think we might have been 20, or 21, and he telling us like, yeah nigga I’m bout to be an owner of the Nets. He said they was gonna move the Nets to Brooklyn. Like he told us this like this might be 2004. He said I didn’t have to put no money up. Like he telling us that shit like so, for me, that, like you said, I remember how we talked about our kids and I was talking about my son, he was like, It made sense later, and it makes sense now. That’s how I was like it was like, wow, but what does that mean like I didn’t think none like that didn’t. I ain’t gonna say it didn’t excite me like if you told me you dropping another album that would excite me more than you tell me about to be a part owner of the Nets, so like. Now, that’s what I’m saying like a lot of the things that I learned like, like you said like that’d be my grad school and all of that that we call it we used to call the college you know because the experience that I got there, you can’t pay for it and it’s like, like no other and I have lifelong relationships I mean, like Lenny S. We both knew each other when both of us had hair you know I’m saying like foreal. Lenny literally watched me grow up in this you know I’m saying even Jay. Like we almost did a deal like we almost did a deal with a roc nation when I was managing Dave, we were gonna do a deal roc nation and mass appeal. So it’d been like Jay Z and Nas and Dave East man.