Matthew Stafford Reveals Significant Social Justice Donation

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford during a game with the Broncos.

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is putting his money where his mouth is in terms of getting involved in a positive way regarding the race conversation in America.

Stafford along with his wife Kelly have pledged $350,000 to the University of Georgia to help kick-start a social justice program for student athletes at the school. They were joined by Georgia head coach Kirby Smart and his wife Mary Beth, who donated $150,000. Together, the amount reaches $500,000.

While complete specifics have not been revealed on what the donations will serve to fund at this point, it is said in the statement that the donation will help student athletes, coaches and staff in the areas of diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice at the university. More specifics will be revealed at a later date with regards to the actual plan.

It’s clear the Stafford family wanted to get involved in helping matters at their alma mater, and with this donation, that’s been done in a big way. It will be exciting to see how the Stafford’s gift helps in the future.

Matthew Stafford Shares Classy Jamie Samuelsen Tribute

Not only classy with his donations and actions off the field, Stafford is with his words as well. Following the loss of Detroit sports personality Jamie Samuelsen, Stafford took time out of his normal news conference to offer thoughts and condolences to Samuelsen’s family and friends.

Here’s a look at what Stafford had to say:

“It’s not lost on me that today’s a tough day for you guys and really for all of us. Losing Jamie this offseason here recently is tough. I had so much fun talking to him during training camp out on the field. So it’s going to be tough not having him around and I know today’s a tough day for his family. Wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you guys and we’re all thinking of him and his family. Wanted to get that out there. He was an awesome guy.”

Samuelsen’s funeral took place August 11 and was an emotional affair for his friends and family, and it is excellent to see Stafford offering his thoughts on such a sad day and a sad time in the city for a personality gone too soon.

A very classy move by the team’s quarterback to give Samuelsen and his family a shout out on a tough day.

Matthew Stafford Called ‘Underrated’ NFL QB

While most don’t dispute his talent, Stafford remains underrated as far as safety Quandre Diggs is concerned. The former Detroit Lions safety got on the internet and re-tweeted a video of Stafford letting loose with huge passes from 2019 and admitted he thinks Stafford is actually underrated in the league at this point in his career.

Here’s the video:

Obviously, it’s safe to say Diggs has liked what he has seen from Stafford in his career, and after playing with him in Detroit, only has a stronger opinion about his overall talent. Diggs was traded to the Seattle Seahawks last season, but that hasn’t changed his take on his former teammate.

Perhaps Stafford is underrated in terms of what he can do on the field, but it’s obvious that his class off the field takes a back seat to nobody.

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