Lions’ Matthew Stafford Shares Classy Jamie Samuelsen Tribute [WATCH]

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford prior to a game.

Matthew Stafford often times has a complicated relationship with Detroit Lions fans and the city’s media, but none of that matters in the face of humanity and personal tragedy.

Following the loss of Detroit sports personality Jamie Samuelsen, Stafford took time out of his normal news conference to offer thoughts and condolences to Samuelsen’s family and friends.

Here’s a look at what Stafford had to say:

“It’s not lost on me that today’s a tough day for you guys and really for all of us. Losing Jamie this offseason here recently is tough. I had so much fun talking to him during training camp out on the field. So it’s going to be tough not having him around and I know today’s a tough day for his family. Wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you guys and we’re all thinking of him and his family. Wanted to get that out there. He was an awesome guy.”

Samuelsen’s funeral took place August 11 and was an emotional affair for his friends and family, and it is excellent to see Stafford offering his thoughts on such a sad day and a sad time in the city for a personality gone too soon.

A very classy move by the team’s quarterback to give Samuelsen and his family a shout out on a tough day.

Matt Patricia Offered Jamie Samuelsen Tribute

Following the passing of beloved Detroit sportscaster and personality Jamie Samuelsen, Patricia called into Samuelsen’s former employer 97.1 The Ticket on his own and shared condolences with the staff of the morning show he once helped anchor with a very classy tribute.

Patricia said:

“I want to just call in and just say how sad and sorry I am when I heard this news. I was not aware of his condition until last week, and then the terrible news came so quickly right after. It hit me hard. Jamie’s an amazing, amazing person. I had the fortunate blessing to have a couple in-person interactions with him, a couple in a private setting in training camp. Just a larger than life personality, truly just genuine, wonderful, wonderful guy. Obviously, your heart just aches for his wife, their children and his family.”

Patricia also said that the goal now is to continue the discussion that Samuelsen attempted to raise before his death, which was the importance of getting a colonoscopy. The sportscaster passed away at age 48 after a 19 month battle with colon cancer which he recently revealed.

Certainly, it’s a classy move for Patricia to be public with his support of Samuelsen, his family and his cause during this difficult time for those who love sports in the city.

Matt Patricia’s Caring Demeanor Praised by Players

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Patricia phoned Oday Aboushi, a native New Yorker, just to show he cared and wanted to see how his player was doing given he was located in a hot spot. It was a gesture that meant a lot to the lineman and still resonates to this day as the team’s unique offseason has progressed.

Joining Good Morning Football, Aboushi was asked to talk a bit about his head coach and what makes him unique. He cited the call during a national pandemic, a moment when the player hadn’t even reached out to the coach for any communication himself.

Aboushi also said that he noticed from the beginning family was vital for Patricia, something which he sees as different and a huge determining factor in what sets him apart in his profession.

“I think the biggest difference right off the bat with Patricia is he cares,” Aboushi said. “He cares more than football, more that statistics. He cares about you as a player, as a man and as a family. Him being a New York guy, he’s big on family and the east coast vibe as family is everything. He treats football the same way.”

Many have had their public differences with Patricia before, but it’s clear this offseason has brought this version of the Lions together in a very impressive way. The coach has been taking command as a leader and to the players, it’s been impressive.

It’s nice to see Stafford taking this cue. With leadership like this at the top, the Lions are clearly in very good hands.

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