Nick Williams: Lions Want to Change NFC North Pecking Order

Nick Williams

Getty Nick Williams celebrates a big play.

The Detroit Lions have spent the offseason building, and it’s almost go time on a new year and a new season on the field.

One of the spots the team built up was the defensive line. Nick Williams was an addition from Chicago, and as he said, knowing the lay of the land in the NFC North, the team needs to step up and find a way to claim their new look division. He’s pretty confident in the team doing so.

Williams said:

“We know the pecking order in the NFC North, and we’re here to change that. We’re ready to get out there and prove to the NFC North, the black and blue division that we can play good football. And we can, we got the pieces, we got the defense to be able to do that. And we believe in ourselves and each other. The more we’re on the field with each other, the more confidence we have in each other and we’ll get the job done.”

The Lions want to make sure they show the right kind of toughness, and many think they have the ability to step up and challenge in a close division. Williams could certainly come along with the defensive line and prove the team has more than enough at their disposal.

At this point, the team plans on stepping up and contending this season.

Nick Williams Ready to Push for More With Lions

Recently, Williams talked with Detroit reporters and outlined what he hopes to accomplish with his new team. As he said, he isn’t about to sit back coming off a spectacular season. In fact, his goal is to only improve and get better as he explained in an interview with and the media recently.

“With this league, I’ve seen every face of this league. So I’m never comfortable. I think once you get comfortable, you don’t have anything to strive for,” Williams said. “I’m not the top defensive tackle but that’s something I want to strive for. I want to bring good football to the Detroit defensive line. Those are things I want to strive for. I’m never going to find comfort. You can’t find comfort in this league. You have to have something to always work towards and work for.”

As Williams went on to say, the reason for his success with the Bears had more to do with finally being given a chance last season, something he had been grinding for.

“Just last year, I hit a stride where I was getting the opportunity and I was capitalizing on it. I’m talking about real opportunity, real snaps, real reps. I was able to perform the way I did. People are like why haven’t we seen this yet? Well, sometimes that’s the NFL. Sometimes you get lost in the shuffle. You get lost behind guys who play behind big name guys their whole career. You don’t get the reps, the opportunity. Once it’s available to you, you’re either going to succeed or you’re not. I was able to get the opportunity last year, I succeeded and now I want to continue to succeed.”

That motivation will help Williams as he joins the Lions. It’s certainly nice to see him staying motivated.

Nick Williams Statistics

Williams has bounced around the NFL a bit. He started his career as a seventh round pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013, and by 2014, had joined the Kansas City Chiefs. After spending a few seasons there, Williams departed for the Miami Dolphins, and spent a season there before signing with the Chicago Bears in 2018. While with Chicago, Williams had a solid 2019 season, with 6 sacks and 42 tackles.

Known for his ability to be a pass rush disruptor, Williams might not offer the Lions much against the run, but he can get after the pocket as his numbers in 2019 prove. After putting up minuscule stats everywhere else, Williams came into his own with the Bears last season, setting career highs in every category. The hope is with more starting time, the 30 year old can continue to play a big role and come into his own in the league with Detroit.

Next season, the expectation would be for Williams to play a bigger role in Detroit and build upon his solid stats from 2019. Clearly, by the comments, he plans on doing just that and seizing the chance he’s been given.

That could help the team’s defense improve and the Lions get much better in their division when all is said and done.

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