‘I Can’t Deal With This:’ Dez Bryant Explodes After Positive COVID-19 Test

Dez Bryant

Getty Dez Bryant before a Ravens game in 2020.

Dez Bryant was feeling excited to match wits with his former team the Dallas Cowboys for the Baltimore Ravens, but a positive COVID-19 test has put those dreams on hold for this season.

Bryant had an inconclusive test early in the day, and they was re-tested prior to the game. After that happened, Bryant tested positive and was pulled from the game. Right after it happened, the wideout took to Twitter to share his astonishment about what happened.

That was hardly all Bryant had to say, though. Right after the original tweet, Bryant said none of what happened makes sense, and he’s ready to shut things down for the rest of the season given the fact that he cannot deal with this.

The Ravens have been undergoing a major outbreak in recent weeks, so it’s not unexpected that they would have more positive tests coming, even as it seemed they had the outbreak under control. It’s also not surprising to see Bryant react emotionally. He’s fought a lot to get back to this point in time, and to have a game that meant a lot to him taken away has to be a major blow.

We’ll simply have to see what happens in the days ahead, but as of now, Bryant is sidelined and he might be done for the rest of 2020.

Dez Bryant Was Ready for Cowboys Game

Bryant not being able to play is a rough turn of events for the Ravens and the player himself. Bryant was ready for action this week as the Ravens get set to tangle with the Cowboys, and the former Dallas wideout was ready for all that will come given the matchup with his former squad. As he said prior to the game when meeting with the media, he was actually looking forward to the action.

Bryant explained:

“It’s cool. It’s kinda cool. I’m excited, I’m looking forward to it. A lot of those guys on that team I know, I’m real good friends with. I think whenever we line up across from one another I think it’s going to be fun. Like I said, it’s going to be an exciting moment.”

Bryant getting back to work was going to be very exciting for the Ravens as well, as the team needs all the help they can get on offense down the stretch to make a potential playoff run. It’s a tough blow all around that he cannot go.

Dez Bryant Opting Out Would Be Loss for Ravens

If Bryant is indeed calling it quits the rest of the way, that is tough news for the Baltimore offense. With the team struggling this year, the Ravens need all the help they can get in terms of having explosive weapons on offense, so being able to see Bryant on the field would be a major plus for the team. The Ravens need to be able to have a dominating offensive performance from a wideout or two in order to be able to win and have a consistent attack, and Bryant is a wild card with regards to this. It’s possible he could deliver in a game and help the Ravens over the top in a contest. Obvously, they will miss the big play potential that Bryant has if he were indeed to stay on the sidelines and opt out due to his frustration.

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