Ravens Urged to Act Fast on Lamar Jackson Contract Extension

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson runs off the field against Dallas.

The Baltimore Ravens have a key decision to make with Lamar Jackson in the weeks ahead, and it revolves around whether or not they can get a contract extension done with the quarterback.

Many have opined that the team should wait and see on Jackson given his production, while others have been adamant that the quarterback get paid. The Ravens likely agree with the latter statement, given all Jackson has meant to their franchise in the past few seasons he has been on the job.

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One person who can agree with such an idea is Bleacher Report writer Kristopher Knox. Recently, Knox put together a list of all the moves every team across the league has to make with the rest of the offseason, and the Ravens getting an extension done with Jackson topped the list for him.

As for why, he wrote:

“Jackson was a first-team All-Pro in 2019 and the league’s regular-season MVP. However, he had a down year in 2020, throwing 10 fewer touchdowns than he did the previous season and rushing for 201 fewer yards. Jackson’s contract demands may be a bit lower now than if, say, he wins another MVP or takes Baltimore to the Super Bowl this coming season.

With new weapons like Sammy Watkins, Rashod Bateman and Tylan Wallace on the roster, Jackson may very well be in store for a bounce-back season.

Waiting on Jackson’s extension will only end up costing Baltimore more money; quarterback salaries aren’t going to suddenly decline.

While the argument against is that the Ravens don’t have to extend Jackson now, they could always save current cap dollars by working Jackson’s rookie contract into his extension. The Kansas City Chiefs made a similar move with Patrick Mahomes, who will carry a cap hit of just $7.4 million this season.”

The Ravens have likely been listening to this, and could make a move soon to get Jackson under contract. Talks have been ongoing, and the only mystery left to solve is how fast the sides could get a deal done.

It could be reasonable to expect it before the start of the season if all goes well.

Jackson Wants to Stay With Ravens

Regardless of what others think the team should do in the weeks ahead with the contract, Jackson himself doesn’t seem to have a wandering eye whatsoever. Would the quarterback want to stay with the team long-term or would he be looking to move on? Loyalty can be a foreign concept in today’s NFL, but it’s clear that Jackson is not a person who is looking to fly the coop to a new team and greener pastures simply because of money and money alone.

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Speaking with the media after OTA sessions, Jackson was asked where things stood with contract talks. As he said, things are still ongoing, but he wants to stay with the team well into the future and be a member of the Ravens forever.

He said:

“I spoke to (Eric) DeCosta a month or two ago, but you know, I would love to be here forever. I love Baltimore, I love the whole organization. I love everybody in the building. Hopefully we’ll be making something happen pretty soon or whatever.”

That’s quite a statement to make, and it only serves to prove just how much Jackson wants to stay with the team for the future and remain in the mix. In the end, the Ravens are likely to reward his loyalty.

Jackson’s Ravens Extension Could Get Done Soon

While Palmer’s take makes sense in some ways, it doesn’t mean the Ravens are going to be following it whatsoever. Reality says the team knows what Jackson is capable of, so there are no mysteries at all with him at quarterback. The team has also been working with Jackson on contract talks for months, which shows they are more than motivated to try and get things done the right way. All of this points to the fact that the Ravens are moving forward and trying to wrap a deal up with Jackson sooner rather than later. Whether they can get a deal done remains to be seen, but it sure looks as if that is the goal for the franchise rather than waiting.

That’s just what many experts see happening when all is said and done, and a move they think should play out.

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