Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Injured With Huge Hit [WATCH]

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson takes a hit from the Bills.

The Baltimore Ravens are struggling to get anything going against the Buffalo Bills offensively, and they have a potentially serious injury to Lamar Jackson to deal with on top of those problems.

Jackson was rocked by a big hit during the second half and had to exit the game. He was receiving medical attention on the field, then left the field and exited into the locker room quickly after that. The team revealed that Jackson is in concussion protocol after the contact.

Jackson exiting the game is bad news for the Ravens, who trailed 17-3 at the time of his injury. That forced quarterback Tyler Huntley to come on, and that’s a tough situation for any backup to deal with. Shortly after the news of the injury, Jackson was declared out.

This is a tough end to the season for Jackson, who had a solid year for the Ravens and is coming off his first playoff win. He will have to try again next season in all likelihood to continue to build his playoff resume.

Watch Hit That Injured Lamar Jackson

After a bad snap forced him to chase the ball backward, Jackson fell down and hit his head. The contact with the ground was severe and could have led to the injury and potential concussion for the quarterback.

Here’s a look at the hit:

The hope was that Jackson could have proved he was good enough to come back for the Ravens, but considering the team was into the fourth quarter, it was clearly too late for that miracle to play out. When he was ruled out, it hurt the Ravens in a big way considering the inexperience of Tyler Huntley.

Snaps have been a problem all night long for the Ravens, and all season long. That’s been part of the frustration of the year for the team, and in a critical moment in a big game, it hurt them in a major way.

Lamar Jackson Ditches Narrative With Playoff Win

Given Jackson’s record in the postseason, this past weekend’s game was a huge one. Previously, Jackson had been 0-2 and had suffered some terrible defeats in which he played poorly. While Jackson wasn’t a statistical darling in this matchup, he also made the biggest play of the game in scrambling for a long touchdown run to get the Ravens back in the game. All season long, Jackson has played well and the playoffs were no different, which was the good news.

Now that Jackson has the win and the confidence to go with it, the sky could be the limit in terms of what he could do next in the future. Clearly, getting the victory was a huge step for the youngster in his playoff career.

It’s unfortunate that Jackson didn’t have the chance to try and lead the comeback after the injury finished off his night. The hope now is he can get healthy for next season and another playoff run.

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