Mark Ingram, RG3 Clap Back at Ex-Ravens Star Over Marquise Brown ‘Hate’

Ravens Robert Griffin III

Getty Former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin III attempts a pass against Washington, the team that drafted him.

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Bart Scott has spurred a firestorm on social media with his criticism of Ravens wideout Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown over the past two days, earning responses from multiple of Brown’s former teammates.

Scott first claimed that Brown wouldn’t start on most AFC teams on Wednesday, earning a tongue-in-cheek response from Hollywood on Twitter. Scott then doubled down on Thursday, listing several receivers he considered to be better than Brown, despite Brown solidly outperforming many of them this season.

In his tirade yesterday, Scott even included a few shots at former Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin III, perhaps because he commented laughing emojis on Brown’s post poking fun at Scott’s first name.

“Be very careful. You’re starting off a new career, RGIII,” said Scott, “Don’t make me @ you.”

The 2006 All-Pro linebacker then called out Griffin’s “qualifications as an NFL player,” saying, “let’s not pull up your resume.”

However, it’s not clear that Scott actually achieved more in football than Griffin. Scott has one Second-Team All-Pro selection and one Pro Bowl appearance to his name, but struggled with the Jets after leaving Baltimore.

Griffin, on the other hand, won the Heisman Trophy his senior year at Baylor and was taken with the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Griffin lived up to the hype with one of the most impressive rookie seasons in recent history, leading Washington to their first playoff appearance since 2007 and picking up Offensive Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowl honors on the way.

Injuries repeatedly stunted Griffin’s career, but he eventually found his way to the Ravens, where he backed up Lamar Jackson and played with Hollywood Brown.

Mark Ingram, RG3 Respond to Scott

Rather than respond to the personal attack from Scott, Robert Griffin III instead backed up Brown, his former teammate.

Griffin specifically defended Brown’s first name after Scott claimed that Brown would have difficulty getting a job with the name ‘Marquise.’


Mark Ingram Sr. backed up his former quarterback against the “hate” from Scott and questioning his motivation to “bring another brother down for no reason.”

The discourse on Twitter attracted attention from all corners of the Ravens fanbase. Even Lacie DeCosta, wife of Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta, tweeted her support of Baltimore’s young receiver.

Some Ravens fans were disappointed to see harsh words flying between so many former players, remembering an incident last year with Ravens legends Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs going at it with Bernard Pollard during a playoff game against the Titans.

In that feud, Pollard tweeted his support for the Titans, offending Reed and Suggs, and angered the fanbase even more by claiming that Lamar Jackson couldn’t win in the postseason.

Most fans seemed to side with Brown on Twitter, arguing that he’s been a top-10 receiver this season with 451 yards and five touchdowns in five games.

Scott Attacks Griffin’s Backup Job in Baltimore

Scott also took aim at Griffin’s time in Baltimore, telling him, “You just sipped tea in Baltimore, you actually didn’t play or do anything to help, other than to make sure the bubbles were rinsed off Lamar’s back.”

While Griffin did spend most of his three seasons as a Raven on the sideline watching Jackson under center, he’s been frequently credited with boosting Jackson’s development with his leadership and experience.

Griffin eventually tried to rise above the fracas, tweeting, “There is enough out there for everybody to eat.”

One interesting tidbit from this exchange is that Griffin actually works with Scott. RGIII joined ESPN as a college football and NFL analyst in August, which Scott’s co-host Alan Hahn somewhat awkwardly reminded him of at the end of the segment.

“Paths could cross,” Hahn said.

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