Marlon Humphrey: ‘It’s Big’ To Be Able To Stay With Ravens

Marlon Humphrey

Getty Marlon Humphrey on the field in camp.

The Baltimore Ravens made the move to lock up a key young piece of their team when they re-signed Marlon Humphrey on Thursday to a new contract, and the cornerback himself was thrilled to be sticking around.

Humphrey, who spoke with the media soon after the deal was done, said that it wasn’t about the money, but rather remaining with the Ravens that was on his mind once the topic of a new deal was brought up.

Humphrey said:

“For me, being the highest paid never really was a factor. The biggest thing for me was just staying a Raven. I remember when I first got here me and Chris Moore used to joke around saying Ravens for life, and it’s a very good feeling to actually be one.”

Humphrey also admitted that everything the Ravens do made it very easy for him to stick around, from the front office to the teammates to the staff and the fans.

“It’s great to sign that deal and know for the next couple years you’re going to be a Raven. When I was talking about it and this and that, since I’ve been here I’ve really enjoyed this organization, this city, these fans, the people around me. So it was really big to stay a Raven, so I was really excited to sign that extension.”

Baltimore has never had trouble attracting and keeping key talent. Humphrey is simply another player that is happy to stick around and continue to chase greatness in Baltimore.

It’s a lost art in the NFL where outside money so often talks, but credit Humphrey for sticking around and remaining comitted.

Marlon Humphrey’s Insane Offseason Workout

Humphrey showed how committed he was to the team by staying on the grind and working hard. Earlier this offseason, Humphrey revealed a new way he gets after it and it involves a massive hill and some good old fashioned running and leg drive. Over the holiday weekend, Humphrey tweeted that he was getting a workout in with his mates running a massive stone pile.

Here’s a look at the grind:

Even though Humphrey is a tough NFL player, that doesn’t change the fact this particular workout is a bear. As he explained to former safety Eric Weddle, the workout basically ended after just a pair of reps.

Humphrey is clearly staying on the grind this offseason, and that’s something his teammates would have to be proud of seeing as they are doing the same.

Marlon Humphrey, Marcus Peters Rated NFL’s Best Cornerbacks

Baltimore’s tradition of having a great defensive backfield hasn’t slowed a bit since the team has last won the Super Bowl, and in fact it can be argued it’s only getting better and better with time. analyst Bucky Brooks would likely agree with that assessment, as he has placed the Ravens as having the top cornerback tandem in the league in 2020. The reasoning for that had everything to do with how well they play together.

Brooks said:

“The Ravens’ decision to trade for Peters in October helped the defense emerge as one of the NFL’s top units in the second half of the season and gave coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale the league’s best cornerback tandem. Peters lived up to his reputation as a dynamic playmaker with three picks in 10 games with the Ravens, including a pair of pick-sixes. He played with better discipline in coverage after coming over from the Rams, and his improved attention to detail resulted in more consistent performance. Humphrey has quietly emerged as one of the best cover corners in the game, particularly as a bump-and-run technician on the perimeter. He aggressively challenges receivers at the line and does a great job of maintaining hip-pocket positioning down the field. With Humphrey playing at a high level in coverage and Peters providing timely playmaking on the island, the Ravens have an elite set of corners.”

Peters coming to Baltimore was a huge shot in the arm for the group, and joining him with Humphrey was huge for the team. Moving forward, the Ravens kept Jimmy Smith this offseason for some added depth, so they will be completely loaded for this coming season as they always seem to be.

Humphrey’s extension will keep them loaded into the future.

Marlon Humphrey Stats

Humphrey has been a great player in his years with the Ravens. In 2019, the youngster cracked the Pro Bowl as well as registering as a first team NFL All-Pro. He has collected 138 tackles, 8 interceptions and has scored 2 touchdowns.

The hope is the best is yet to come for the 23 year old, and now he is locked up for the Ravens and their fans moving forward and happy to be in the mix.

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