Philip Rivers Trashes Ravens’ Game Changing Interception

Philip Rivers

Getty Philip Rivers during the Ravens vs. Colts.

The Baltimore Ravens got one of the most important plays of Week 9 when they saw an interception from Marcus Peters turn around the game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Following the play, the Ravens ended up finding a way to win the game while the Colts ended up never coming back from the disaster. To say it changed momentum is an understatement. There was a dispute about whether the play was a catch or not given how close it was in real time. The league agreed that it was a catch and let the play stand after review.

Safe to say Colts quarterback Philip Rivers disagreed with their assessment in a major way. As he said after the game, he didn’t find it very fair how things played out.

Was the play an interception or not? Fans can be the judge themselves, but it was close. Regardless, the judgement call was made and it was called an interception for the Ravens. The league reviewed it and determined that the play they saw constituted a catch.

Here’s Al Riveron’s explanation:

Rivers had a lot to say after the game about the nature of the play as did plenty of fans and analysts, but none of it matters. The Ravens are 6-2 while the Colts are 5-3. While the play was a big part of the game, it was more the inability of the Colts’ offense to do anything all afternoon which should be the major talking point.

Ravens Beat Colts With Defense

A big story within the game against the Colts was the team’s ability to win with defense. The offense didn’t impress that much but made the plays they had to. The defense dominated, not only securing this interception but a 65 yard return fumble for a touchdown.

The Ravens defense has been very elite this season, and a game like this may only help prove how good they can be moving forward. No matter the nature of plays, good teams find a way to turn in game changing plays in crunch time and the Ravens did this in order to survive and thrive on the road this weekend.

Baltimore’s defense has been strong this season, and this play is just another one of their greatest hits from the 2020 season. If it jump start another winning streak, the chance exists for it to go down in lore even more.

Marcus Peters Stats

Peters is no stranger to big plays on the field, and that’s been the case in 2020 as well as his entire career. This season, Peters has put up 29 tackles, 3 interceptions and 1 sack. He’s been a dependable player since he has come into the mix with the team, and a bed rodck player in the secondary for the Ravens.

Regardless of if the play was an interception or not, it will count as one and the Ravens will take the win running away as well as the elite play from their defense and cornerback. That’s true regardless of what Rivers thinks of the play in the end.

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