Ravens, Titans Get Into Intense Shouting Match Before Game [WATCH]

John Harbaugh Mike Vrabel

Getty John Harbaugh jaws with Mike Vrabel before Titans-Ravens.

The Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans are playing in a must win game in terms of the AFC playoff picture and the juices were flowing as a result before the game even kicked off.

Apparently upset with Tennessee congregating near midfield, Ravens coach John Harbaugh wanted to set things straight and ended up jawing a bit with Titans cornerback Malcolm Butler. Here’s a look at the mini fracas as it played out:

After that moment, Harbaugh got into an argument with Titans coach Mike Vrabel, who was one of the toughest players in the league. Safe to say there isn’t a ton of love lost between these sides.

The Ravens lost to the Titans in last year’s playoffs, so clearly there is no love lost between the sides whatsoever. This could be budding into an interesting NFL rivalry.

Ravens-Titans Buildup

To say this is an important game for the Ravens is an understatement. The team is 6-3 and all of a sudden in a crowded race in the AFC playoff hunt. They need to keep winning to keep pressure on the opposition and keep their own potential playoff hopes alive. It’s also a grudge match for the team seeing as they were unceremoniously ousted by the Titans in the playoffs last year. For that reason, this is a huge game and will be one of the more interesting contests of the weekend.

This is perhaps a big reason for the frustration for both sides before the game kicked off.

Ravens ‘Intense’ Practices This Week

As the team got set to take on the Titans, the time has come for everyone to lock in and the Ravens touted this week how locked in they are. So far, it sounds as if that’s just what the Ravens are doing ahead of Week 11’s matchup. This week, the team has been hyping how good they are practicing as they get set to take the field.

Derek Wolfe put it all on the line and said that nothing else matters to the team right now but winning.

“We came into practice yesterday, full pads, 30 degrees outside. We had probably one of the best practices of the season. Nobody was complaining, nobody was whining. Nobody was feeling sorry for themselves. It’s look, we have to move on. We can’t think about the last week. We have to fix what we did wrong, come back and just try to get a win. All that matters is winning at this point. Nothing else matters. We got to win so that if something happens, we got to make sure we got our spot solidified in the playoffs.”

It wasn’t just Wolfe who feels like the Ravens are in good shape, however. Coach John Harbaugh admitted that the practices were intense for him as well, and that is good news for the team as they push into the weekend and try to grab what would be a huge win.

“It was a really intense practice. They usually are with our guys, you put the pads on our guys they’re intense practices. But it was, it was an excellent practice and that’s how you get better.”

The intensity is probably a big reason for the way the game started, and it will be very interesting to see how it finishes and who comes out ahead.

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