New York Sports Betting is Here: Here’s How to Sign Up

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Getty Online sports betting could be coming to New York State in the near future.

FanDuel Sportsbook is now legal in New York.

And you can sign up here and get a risk-free first bet up to $1,000 with FanDuel Sportsbook’s new user promotion.

Bet with FanDuel Sportsbook New York

Here’s how to get in on the FanDuel new user, risk-free bet promotion:

1) Create a FanDuel Sportsbook account.

2) Make an initial deposit of at least $10

3) Check out the site and get your first bet risk-free up to $1,000. You don’t need to bet $1,000 to claim this offer, but there is a $5 minimum wager. You make your first bet and if it doesn’t win, FanDuel will credit your account the amount you lost in the form of a free bet.

Thursday afternoon, the New York State Gaming Commission confirmed FanDuel could officially launch online sports betting in the state beginning Saturday.

How To Make a Deposit With FanDuel Sportsbook

Depositing money into your FanDuel Sportsbook account is a quick and easy process. Once you create your account, do the following:

1) Log into your account.

2) Click “Deposit.”

3) Then choose the amount you want to deposit (the first deposit has to be a minimum of $10).

4) Choose a method of payment; FanDuel accepts Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Venmo, Online Banking, and FanDuel Prepaid Card. All have free deposit fees and are available immediately.

5) Confirm the transaction.

It’s that simple.

Once your money is credited to your account, you’re ready to place your online bets.

Some states might vary for ways to deposit.

How to Make a Withdrawal With FanDuel Sportsbook

You can withdraw money from FanDuel Sportsbook account in a number of ways, including PayPal, FanDuel Prepaid Card, Check, Venmo, and Online Banking.

Also, a fast process:

1) Log in.

2) Click “Withdraw” and choose the amount you want.

3) Choose one of the withdrawal options.

Each of the withdrawal options have different waiting periods.

  • PayPal or Venmo can take up to 48 hours to be approved, but once it is approved, you’ll have your funds in an hour.
  • Prepaid Cards can also take up to 48 for approval, but once it is, you’ll get your money immediately.
  • Online Banking process takes 3 to 5 business days.
  • If you want a physical check, it should arrive between 7 and 10 business days after approval.

Bet with FanDuel Sportsbook New York

What Sports Can I Bet Online With FanDuel?

Pick a sport and you can probably find it on the FanDuel Sportsbook. Here’s a list below of some of the sports which you can place online wagers, including with the most popular ways to bet them currently.

But first a quick explanation of the most common wagers:

(Point) Spread: Bet on the margin of victory or loss

Moneylines: Simply just a bet on the winner of the game.

Total (Over/Under}: Bet on the total points scored in a game.

Parlays: A combination of multiple bets to increase your odds.

Props: Unique bets on either individual players or teams in a particular game.

In-Game Bets: Bets placed after a particular game has already started.

Futures: Bets placed on future contests.

Same Game Parlay: This new features allows you to combine multiple bets from one matchup or team into a single parlay.

Aussie Rules Football League

  • Moneyline — A bet on which team to win
  • Line — A bet on the winner by point spread
  • Big Win Little Win — Bet on both the winner and the margin of victory

Auto Racing (NASCAR, Formula 1)

  • Futures — Odds for the 2022 seasons


  • Futures — Betting odds for the 2022 MLB season for World Series winner and American and National League winners

Basketball (NBA, NCAA, WNBA, International leagues)

  • Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Over/Under Total
  • Futures


  • Moneyline
  • 3 Way Boxing Money Line — Bet on who will win the fight with an option to bet a draw
  • Round Betting — Bet on who will win a specific round
  • Method Victory — Bet on how the fight will end
  • When Will the Fight End? — Bet on a group of rounds of when the fight will end
  • Prop Bets


  • Moneyline — Bet on who will win the match
  • 1st Wicket Caught — Bet on whether a fielder make a catch on the first hit
  • Batsman Total Runs — Bet on the highest number of runs a batsman will make


  • Futures — Bet on the 2022 Tour de France winner


  • Futures — Bet on upcoming PDC tournaments

Football (NFL, NCAA, CFL)

  • Point Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Over/Under Total
  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Game & Player Props
  • In-Game Bets

Bet with FanDuel Sportsbook New York


  • Winner — Bet on a player to win a tournament
  • Finish Placement — Bet on a golfer to finish in a particular place
  • Rounds Betting — Bet on who will the first, second, third, and fourth rounds separately
  • Matchup Head-to-Head Prop — Bet on which golfer to win from a set matchup
  • Futures — Bets on 2022 major tournaments


Ice Hockey (NHL, International leagues)

  • Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Total
  • Futures


  • Moneyline
  • Round Betting — Bet on what round the fight ends
  • Method of Victory — Bet on the winner and how the fight ends
  • Quickest Fight — Bet on which fight on a given card will end the fastest

Rugby League

  • Money Line
  • 3 Way Money Line — Bet on whether the home or away team wins or if it ends in a tie
  • 3 Way Spread — Bet on which team wins or if it ends in a tie based on the spread

Rugby Union

  • 3 Way Moneyline
  • 3 Way Spread


  • Futures — Bet on the 2022 World Championship

Soccer (MLS, International leagues)

  • 3 Way Moneyline — Bet on which team will win or will it end in a draw
  • 3 Way Spread
  • Over/Under
  • Individual Performance — Bet on players to score a goal
  • First or Second Half Results
  • Live Odds
  • Parlays
  • Futures

Table Tennis

  • Moneyline
  • Total Points (Over/Under)
  • First Game Odd/Even — Bet on whether the final score will be odd or even
  • Exact Number of Games — Bet on the amount of games that will be played


  • Moneyline
  • Set Betting
  • To Win First Set
  • Prop Bets
  • Match Spread Bets
  • Tie Break in Match
  • Parlay Bets
  • Futures

Bet with FanDuel Sportsbook New York

FanDuel Sportsbook’s First-Time User Risk-Free Bet Promo

FanDuel Sportsbooks’ current new user promotion offers a risk-free first bet up to $1,000.

So you make your first wager up to $1,000 on any bet and any sport and if it doesn’t win, your account will be credited the amount you loss in the form of a free bet.

You don’t need to bet $1,000, but there is a minimum wager of $5.

Claim this offer

Other FanDuel Sportsbook Promos

FanDuel Sportsbook always has promotional deals for both new users and veteran players.

To find out about them, log on to FanDuel Sportsbook and click the “Promotions” link at the top of the page. There are usually a handful or so of various promo offers to choose from.

They tend to change regularly, so be sure to check these offers often.

What States Have Legalized Online Sports Betting

Currently, there are 12 states that have legalized online gambling and you can use FanDuel Sportsbook in all of them.

Those states include Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, with others launching soon.

You don’t need to be a resident of one of those states, just physically present in one. You also must be at least 21 years of age to bet online