Brad Stevens Weighs in on Jaylen Brown’s Future With Celtics

Jaylen Brown

Getty Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics have a decision to make regarding Jaylen Brown‘s future. By making the All-NBA second team, Brown is eligible for a supermax contract extension, but giving him and Jayson Tatum that contract could handicap the Celtics’ abilities to surround them with quality players.

During a press conference, President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens weighed in on Brown’s future with the team, saying that the Celtics want him to stick around.

“I’ve had nothing but great conversations with Jaylen,” Stevens told reporters. “Without a doubt, we want Jaylen to be here, and he’s a big part of us. We believe in him, and I’m thankful for him.”

Stevens added that when guys like Brown are defeated, that doesn’t deter them from continuing to work, which plays a part in why he believes Brown is a big part of the team’s future.

“I’m really thankful when those guys have success, they come back to work, and when they get beat, they own it, and they come back to work. So, I know that’s what they’re about. And that’s hard to find…Jaylen had a great All-NBA year. He’s a big part of us moving forward in our eyes”

Analyst Floats Jaylen Brown-For-Damian Lillard Trade

After the Celtics were eliminated by the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith proposed on First Take that not only should the Celtics break up the Tatum and Brown duo, but he explained why the Celtics should look into acquiring Damian Lillard.

“There’s a guy by the name of Damian Lillard in Portland. I wouldn’t mind getting someone like him who’s a closer, by the way, who’s a point guard as a closer, who’s a sniper. We got all of that stuff going for ourselves if you’re Damian Lillard. Obviously, he’s older than Jaylen Brown, but [for] Jaylen Brown, I think the real challenge is that he has aspirations to be that number one guy, and that is never going to happen with Jayson Tatum.”

Smith added what else the Celtics could get for Brown and why he believes getting Lillard is a better option.

“If he feels adamant that [he can’t serve as a 1A next to Tatum] and he needs to move on, then you need to think about an abundance of parts that you can get potentially for Jaylen Brown because he is a star in this league and he is young. Either you get an abundance of players, which I don’t think is necessary, or you get a superstar-caliber sniper like Damian Lillard to come to Boston in return for his services.”

JJ Redick Questions if Celtics Should Pay Jaylen Brown

Former NBA player JJ Redick questioned if the Celtics should give Brown a supermax contract extension on the May 30 episode of ESPN’s First Take, knowing that two contracts like that could hinder their abilities to surround him and Tatum with quality players.

“I think Jaylen Brown is also a great player,” Redick said. “All-NBA, all that stuff. The question is, are you comfortable with the new CBA paying two players $600 million over the course of their contracts? Are you comfortable in two years if you keep this group together, essentially being hamstrung to make transactions because they’re at the second apron with the new CBA?”