Celtics Guard Confirms Off-Season Injury

Payton Pritchard, Boston Celtics

Getty Payton Pritchard, Boston Celtics

As the Boston Celtics continue to navigate the off-season, they will be keeping a close eye on their players’ development plans, and taking note of who they’re working out with, and what tournaments they’re participating in.

You see, while it’s in everybody’s interests that players continue to stay fresh during the summer, there is always a risk of injury, which could be catastrophic for a franchise’s plans to begin the season.

Unfortunately, it looks as though those concerns might be justified, as Payton Pritchard confirmed he had suffered a broken nose on one of his recent Instagram posts which showed him playing in a face mask similar to what he wore in the early parts of the 2021-22 NBA Season.

Luckily, a broken nose doesn’t limit a player’s availability, although there is certainly a question about whether playing in a face mask can be restrictive – both to breathing and in terms of hand-eye coordination.

Pritchard Broke His Nose in October

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Pritchard donning a protective face mask, as the sharpshooting guard, wore one throughout the month of October after breaking his nose in a pre-season game against the Orlando Magic.

Unfortunately, Pritchard struggled to adapt to the face mask and began the season slowly.

“I’m just done wearing it. It’s kind of annoying to wear. It takes away some of your vision. It’s just a lot different. Going forward, if I break my nose, I break my nose. It’s a little early to stop using the mask, but it is what it is. I’m just done with it,” Pritchard said when asked about whether the mask was inhibiting him from playing at his optimal level. 

In fairness, Pritchard also struggled for consistent playing time due to the presence of Dennis Schroder. Shooters need consistency to reach their premium level, and given that Pritchard’s minutes were few and far between, that lack of regular playing time may also have contributed to his slow start.

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