Jayson Tatum Gets Candid in First Comments Since Finals Loss

Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics.

Getty Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics.

Jayson Tatum caught up with reporters during the 2022 Las Vegas Summer League on July 9, 2022. This marked the first time Tatum was available to the media since losing in the 2022 NBA Finals. One of the first questions was how long it’s taken for Tatum to move on from the Boston Celtics losing to the Golden State Warriors on the league’s biggest stage. Tatum did not mince words on the impact the loss had on him.

“It takes a long time,” Tatum said. “I still think about it every day. Probably until the season starts. Probably until we get back to the championship, I guess.”

Tatum was then asked by reporters how he would approach the offseason following the team’s loss in the finals. Tatum acknowledged that such a task is quite difficult to complete, which is why he’s motivated to improve as a player from where he already is.

“You know how hard it is to get over there. You know how much harder it is to get over that hump, so I’ve got to be better coming into next year, obviously, as we try to get back.”

Tatum’s Thoughts on Boston’s Newest Additions

The Celtics have been busy during the 2022 NBA Offseason. After losing in the 2022 NBA Finals, the Celtics have traded for Malcolm Brogdon and plan to sign Danilo Gallinari with the taxpayer mid-level exception once he clears waivers. After reporters caught up with Tatum during the 2022 Las Vegas Summer League, they asked him how he felt about the Celtics’ newest additions.

Tatum responded first by acknowledging how hard it was to see some of his former teammates leave but made it clear he’s excited to see what Brogdon and Gallinari can bring to the team.

“Obviously, it’s sad to see your brothers leave with (Daniel) Theis and Aaron (Nesmith), but we got better. (They’re) two veteran guys that are proven and ready to help us get to that next level, so I’m excited to have those guys.”

Tatum was later asked if Brad Stevens consulted him about the moves Boston’s front office was going to make during the offseason. Tatum said Stevens let him know what the options were but, from the looks of things, didn’t ask Tatum for any approval on moves.

“He just kind of told me some of the options that they were looking at. Things that they were keeping an eye on during free agency.”

Celtics Officially Announce Off-Season Moves

Even though these moves had already been completed in the last week or so, the Celtics themselves could not announce them until they were official. On July 9, 2022, Boston announced the moves they have made since the start of the off-season.

First, they announced Malcolm Brogdon as their latest addition.

They then announced the re-signing of Sam Hauser.

They then announced the re-signing of Luke Kornet.

They finally announced that they had signed their second-round pick JD Davison to a two-way contract.

The only addition that the Celtics have not officially announced yet is Danilo Gallinari. That is because Gallinari was waived by the San Antonio Spurs on July 8 and can’t be signed until he clears waivers. Once he does so on July 10, Gallinari will be eligible to officially sign with the Celtics.

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